Mixamo avatar hunched shoulders pre post question


i’m suffering with hunched up shoulders with pre post enabled
I re rigged my ava using mixamo so its compatible with the upcoming sit script
but with pre post on my shoulder are kinda up weird looking
with it off its perfect
what do i need to tweak to get it right?
bone locations
bone roll stuff
of is it a bug?


Last weekend when I checked a mixamo issue that @Konzu was having, it was due to the the particular mixamo avatar being in the A-pose when in binding pose.

You may want to check the rest position of the mixamo avatar. It seems every avatar you can import into mixamo are rigged to different poses, This includes A poses, relaxed T poses, and absolute T poses. Its just a matter of who made it and depending on what pose the model was when it was auto-rigged.

You can easilly check this by loading the model in Blender, and double checking that the avatar skeleton isnt just animated into an absolute T pose. You can even compare it to the template skeleton for Blender I made.

If the shoulders are even slightly slanted (as in relaxed T pose) this will cause the shoulders to prop up.

Its best to leave the pre-post stuff in its default setting aka on and no longer fool around with them, and instead fix the rest position of the skeleton


Thats prob the problem they are
ijust dont want to tweak things randomly thankss


Send me the skeleton in a DM and Ill check it once I get home, saying exactly what is wrong shoulders, how to fix them, and how to avoid them in the future.


shall do, it was straight rigged in mixamo, so I imagine its going to be a problem for everyone using it


So yeah

I guessed correctly, Just making this straight will fix your issue.

When using the auto rig in mixamo, draw it as a closer to a straight line instead of fully angled like that.
You can also trick it slightly by dislocating the shoulder joint like

Otherwise youd have to create entire new animation set for your avatar.


saves me going on on one of those random tweaking journeys of discovery


sorted it yaay
thanks is shoulder thing

puts this here so i don’t forget
It all messed up unless I checked custom properties