Mixamo avatar weirdness / troubles


Ok, Some time ago i made a new avatar. i did seen some weirdness with shoes / pants
Today i made another one with shoes, and again i see the same problem

The problem is that there are some weird verticles around the shoe that appear wrong in high fidelity.

High Fidelity avatar 1 (faulty)

High Fidelity avatar 2 (faulty)

For the last one this is how it looks in fuse ! So it’s correct in fuse.

FBX review

It’s also looking good in the FBX reviewer, but there i notice what’s exploding.
in fbx review you see the 2 brown things, it seems high fidelity is making a mess of that.



But now the question, what is going wrong ?


That looks more like a weight paint issue than anything. Try rotating the limbs around to see if it happens in them as well


I hope not, looks fine in all other things not high fidelity based. And that i cannot change.