Mixamo Avatars How to upload them


Ok i have my ava rigged in Mixamo, i tried exporting it both as a fbx and a unity fbx and importing it to Hf.
I don’t appear in world with either version it seemed to upload fine its in the bodies as sljudas any ideas what the problem is?


You dont need to select the avatar after upload in preference ?


@judas. There are a few steps to this.

  1. Upload your model without bones to mixamo.com (looks like you have done this already)
  2. Download your avatar model as an FBX and upload it to Hifi as you would creating an avatar. (looks like you have also done this)
  3. Find the Animation that you want and download that animation from Mixamo as an FBX. Upload that model to a server or amazon so that it can be accessed externally.
  4. Use this example script (script , referencing your animation and run it.
    Your avatar will now animate.

You can see this in action by selecting the avatar “adjudas” and running this script https://gist.githubusercontent.com/cozza13/42e8932634fc7719c889/raw/cd15cdb681ecde8c168047c0da54e414e0a5bbc7/annimate.js

Check it out:


Ill try that with the animation thing. The problem is the sljudas avatar http://public.highfidelity.io/models/skeletons/sljudas.fst doesn’t appear in world from the fbx from Mixamo, the pic above is one from autodesks thing.It looked perfect on Mixamos site


I’m having trouble getting this to work. I can get all of the animations that are on public.highfidelity.io/animations to work, but I cannot get one to work exported from Blender, nor a test animation from mixamo.com. Looking at all of the .fbx files with a text editor shows the one from Blender to be quite different looking, however the one from mixamo is very similar to the files from public.highfidelity.io. Yes, I have pointed to my server where I uploaded the files. I think it some sort of strange server issue, as I tried uploading standard_idle.fbx to my server and it won’t work there, even though I can view the file on my web browser.

Any suggestions?


Can it be clarified wether this workflow produces the same results as ‘rigging separate body & separate head’ workflow. Or does this Maximo workflow produce a different type of avatar that does not need a separate head but can be animated with an animation?


@Loki It just makes an all in one combined body and head. I still haven’t managed to get it load in world, suspects Chris did things too it…


@loki the mixamo workflow give you a combined head and body. you therefore keep the head section on Interface blank


Here is a video of me uploading a character from mixamo https://www.dropbox.com/s/evp45oynsferbie/Uploading%20a%20Character.mp4


Great video thanks @chris that’s exactly what I did but no dice lol so that means it could be a mac/windows thing possibly.Or it could be my mode,l which means that just because it previews textured and rigged in Mixamo doesn’t mean it will work in HF. I’ll keep messing with it


I was successful in uploading an avatar from Mixamo, and he looked great, but when I attempted to add an animation, the guy ended up in a bad twister position which I cannot undo!


Ok 1 step closer my model was too short I built him my rl height of 6’3 but it seems HF avatars are all about a 1000 miles high. once i bigified him he appeared in world, ¬.¬ course his textures didn’t load but we cant have everything


Kaspersky just flagged mixamo import tools as a virus, its prob a false positive but meh


For me work this not…i have this with the video make, but the browser have my model not:(