Mixamo Fuse models unsupported layer masking


Mixamo fuse avatars use a layer mask to define the alpha transparent areas on things like the eyelashes.
Hifi dosent seem to support this method will it ever? @sam

in blender

in hifi

in fuse


Yes, I have always brought in my Mixamo models with the eyelashes removed, because otherwise they look like awnings. I would be really happy if this could be fixed. Thanks.


Not sure how my eyelashes look.
I moved them to a seperate texture and changed soem paramters. so it looks betetr. But i still have troubles with some weird metalic look or so i never got fixt. Also i would have expected that things where improved already and more avatars. But lot’s of things got not that road.


The biggest problem we have here is only one option and the open source option is just not there at all I think this should be a priority of standards skeletons the only thing maybe we can get somebody else to write the code to make this happen maybe @sam is not the right guy to talk to about this but this can’t be ignored anymore


So im wrong asking the person developing the engine if its going to support the avatar system we were advised to use?
Obviouly we can all make the required changes to the Mixamo avatars to make them compatible ( i wont be condesencing by telling you how)

I just dont want to send people the Mixamo avatar direction when they will have to repair it in other software. Repairs not the right word cos its works fine just hifi doesn’t support that system complelty.


How much work would it take to add required bits to MakeHuman to use it as a direct-output-to-HiFi avatar creator? A new skeleton rig added to the existing ones available in there? What else would need to be developed and added to MH?


What mixamo does is use a layermask instead of just using transparency on the textures^
u can subtract one from the other in photoshop ,
its a faff tho innit