Hi. Forgive me if this has been asked; I searched here, but nothing answered my question.

Mixamo makes it ridiculously easy to create a rigged avatar and bring it into HiFI. If I just import the .fbx that I download from Mixamo, package it in HiFi, and bring it in, it works fine with the @davedub walk.js animation.

However, I really, really want to be able to mod the avatar. If I bring the Mixamo .fbx into Blender, and then into HiFi, it breaks and folds like a tamale.

I know @Menithal said something about rotating bones, or something, but I am not sure if there was ever a final solution to this.

Finally, my question? Is there a way to bring a Blender-modded Mixamo avatar into HiFi so that it works?
Thanks, and if this has been answered elsewhere, please point me there. Doc


Have you tried the ‘bllender pre rotation’ (or something like that) in the walk.js script?


@DrFran as @Ron.Khondji pointed outyou have to use the walk.js 's checkbox hack for blender prerotations to “unfold” the avatar for the walk script when Using Blender avatar. Its a temporary hack to make things a bit more bareable, there are fixes done the way how fbx is read…

Original issue with the folding blender avatar documented here:

Temporary hack checkbox in the new walk script demonstrated (how to unfold the avatar with the walkscript)

Fix if your avatar is planking constantly:

The blender avatar will however be half way into the ground when first rezed, unless you use the Hips = main_armature fst trick.

More info is documented in https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/ultimate-blender-compendium-woes-of-the-blender-fbx-export-at-the-mountains-of-documentation-madness/4739



thanks, @subongo. What I want really is only to be able to mod the clothing and hair textures, stuff like that. I just want to be able to personalize the avi, and then load it into HiFi. Nothing fancy.





I TRY, to mod my avatar. seems impossible because it’s one UV-Map so i cannot fix the eyebrows alpha bug. Would be better if High Fidelity is going to fix that bug.
ALso the glow is still on my avatar. That’s possible more easy to fix, But very annoying that we need to walk around for weeks or mabye months now with a semi broken avatar.

Besides, i possible not get it exported correct.

And why are all subongo pictures gone ?