MMD'S and Blender


@Caitlyn was talking about MMD Avatars at the meeting

I just pulled one into blender from deviant art using a pluugin I found here

so far so good


Did you found the software to make it ?
Mabye it’;s this ? It sounds like it.

Oh well, still need to finish new test avatar in fuse.


And i hit a wall off hurt the mmd’ avatars atleast the one I tried has so much stuff in it that has to be stripped out for hifi
Someone do it for me lol

world of hurt


Indeed there is a path for MMD however its kinda a pain, I have a RWBY one and a few others I was testing.


Cool thanks for sharing that’s helpful
Do mmd all use the same rig?
If they do it would be worth swapping out the default animations to see how they work inworld. If they are all different then it’s kinda pointless .After messing with them having to re rig them for hi-fi rips out most of what’s cool about them


its so cool how the hair has physics , the hair has a rig but its set to respond to gravity

this is the part how i ask can we do this in hifi?

Going out Staying in Judas's Blog

You are asking for cloth physics. PhysX has it. Crappy bullet physics engine does not. Also, the avatar/clothes/attachments need an accurate physics shape, also not done in HF at this time.

In the meantime, somewhere over the rainbow:


no i want phyiscs that will act on bones, see the green ones

Help our Avatars Walk up Steps

That too is missing. We talked about forces including gravity affecting avatar bones a year ago. Tick tock.



well im only interested in things as they r in my face , id not seen these b4

make them compatible with hifi woudl have a huge subculture of people into these things arrive


Still looking at these things scratching my head
i found this vid that explains how to convert a mmd to vr chat

vr chat seems to use a file called a vrca which im guessing is the equivilant of our fst file
the question is can we convert a vrca into a fst and skip alot of this manual work
I assume its just a text file targeting all the bones and stuff
@Ai_Austin @Menithal


VRchat though is Unity based, and using the Mecanim bone setup, and requires unity assets:

The entire process is actually packaging the files into the vrca (you can hear him mentioning and cursing the fact that its also bundling mp3s from the vrca scripts he needs to bundle, which he actually doesnt need into the avatar), so actually its not the same as the fst, which is just an index of -overall- bones.

It is more of a zip file, but all the resulting files would still be, unity assets, so unfortunately I dont think we can read them without reverse engineering unity code.

Ideally, High Fidelity needs something of a similar bundling system that makes it easy to just import any skeleton, but unless unity opens up their file format, i dont think Hifi can use what Unity has. Someone needs to make an entirely new system to bind the bones properly.


Whats additionally depressing is somone got them in Secondlife lol


Oh its really easy just to rebind the MMD skeletons, aside from the massive pain to have to work with any funky geometry they work into the models.

You can also see they replaced the hair with flexi prims :stuck_out_tongue:

You just have to know how. which is a brick mountain to climb


Try to guess what I’ve been trying to figure out for the past year and a half.

Someone ofcourse could help me, but I have yet to have gotten any help on the subject even though Ive asked in the weeklies.


I could explain how to do it , its very easy but, both you and I know it would insult your intelligence :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh i am not very smart though, its the reason I am still here!


So for the hell of it

It opened a couple of MMD models from DA Misaki and another I forgot where.

I promptly closed blender and threw my computer out of the window as it would require alot more work to get these most the fan creations to work in High fidelity.

Basically there should be an assumption that you need to know the 3d suite to clean up, rig and bring these models in high fidelity…

Exhibit of headache

  • Not all “3D modelers” have understanding vertex counts or “loose vertices” or “draw calls” or “performance” or “geometry”

    This little bad girl had 8800+ loose vertices floating about, and I am not going to start with some edit of parts

  • Edges have been split in odd places making automatic weighting a headache, probably from the original 3D suite. So no clean geometry here! So youd have to go through the mesh and make sure these parts were correct, and the new edges were marked before export / replacing armature

  • Face geometries are all over the place depending on the the creator. only saving grace is make everything emit

    so some models would be forced to use emit at 100%.

  • Material Use would give @caitlyn and any graphics engineer a headache over draw calls, both models seems to have this issue.

  • Blender doesnt like Unicode and Japanese Character apparently. Bone and shape names are all moon speak. Makes it even harder to do convertion. so alot of guessing what is what

  • MMD models come with a rig thats hard to decypher without understanding or being able to read the characters

So sorry @judas, for being smug of it ‘being’ easy. If they geometry and materials were good to go, it would be, but doing all of the above is more frustraiting than making an avatar from scratch.

Things of note though:

  • Same Cellshading tricks work in Hifi as in SL, as in MMD.
  • Hifi should support blendshape driven eye animation system, if eyes are missing (would make avatar customization easier, and allow for such characters to have working eyes)
  • CUSTOM BLENDSHAPES: MMD models use these to do alot of fun stuff, like spawn in “angry” emotes and Eye glasses / head gear that are on the avatar, without having to rez in attachments. They have also quite alot of eye blends compared to faceshift, forexample
  • MMD models have -alot- of EyeShapes

This issue still emphasises the big need to allow for inworld customizable avatars in where those who know make the archetypes.

Seriously: if it is this hard to people to make valid avatars (seen such before with other models people been trying to bring in), there needs to be an easier way of doing these, and let the people who know create them the avatars others can modify with doing a full dive into modeling.


Agrees the one im messing with has like 4 different formats of textures and like you said, its easier to start from scratch on somthing new then to fix or atleat convert these
its a shame tho cos they are fun


brundle fly