Modbox update preview for Vive - I like the way they build in-world


Hi, I just found this vid of on upcoming update for modbox, and looks great for me how they use the vive controllers to build ‘in-world’. Wonder if that could be possible sometimes in future also with HF.


That is a nice high level assembly system, a system made by a game/world designer. It would be full of pre-built entities, and it would have snap-to auto-size adjustments as items are snapped together. The question is whether there is enough of the low level functionality in HF, and it those functions are stable enough to make this kind of assembly system.

I wonder what it would take (and how much it would cost) to port it?


The snapping functionality is done very well by Disney Infinity.


Live editing is definitely needed for the metaverse. Ideally switching between a mode dedicated for editing / world building and just simple “on the go” modifications to spaces like moving items from place to place or spraying on a wall with a spraycan or digging a hole in the ground or something.


Some news about the modbox, in the upcoming update its also possible to ‘export’ own greation to fbx models, and mesh edit in VR with the vive controllers - here are a few points from the news:

  • Mod system with workshop support! First mod available thats not auto-installed is a FBX Exporter to export your creations to FBX models

  • Mesh Editing
    With a primitive entity selected you can now hit ‘mesh edit’ on the radial menu to edit it’s vertices:
    We plan to expand this to allow polygon adding/removing and other advanced features.