Model an animation from Blender only 50 frames supported?


I did try to import some animated .fbx from Blender in HF, following some of the suggestions I found here Animating a simple winged object
What I tried to do was the animation of a planet on an elliptical orbit around the sun. (No armatures or bones involved just a plain animation of a sphere along a path).
What I observed was that apart from the cryptical and counterintuitive way of “baking” in Blender, which took me some time to understand a bit, the resulting fbx when put as a model and set as animation url apparently did work only for 50 frames. Is it a hard limitation in animations in HF or is there something I’m not grasping?
I tried with 250 frames but the object seems animating only for the first 50.
Also it’s definitely not clear to me the meaning of the various fields in the animation part of entity settings, could anyone explain me how to correctly set them up? I just set it as 1,1,250 …
Thanks for any suggestions on animations with more than 50 frames :slight_smile:


As i understand it we can only do bone animations, and then only rotations and locations not scale
used them for a canal, but also on crazy golf theres a river waterfall thing done with bones


I made a path animation without bones, works fine. There is just an option in blender export that need to be lowered to 0 (It’s set to 1), that simplyfied the animation. Maybe the data will raise up a little when set to 0, but it should work then.


oh havent tried that will need to give that ago now :slight_smile:


Did you use more than 50 frames in your example? I noticed that option to simplify and tried to use it and it seemed to reduce the fbx size. What I was puzzled is that it truncated my animation to only 30% of it so I wanted to have some more information or some people like you that already did use it.
And maybe some workflow :slight_smile:


Hi there, is it that, what you are looking for? This animation has around 100 Frames. If so, I will make a vid tutorial tomorrow morning.


Yes something like that is really nice. However today I played a bit more and was able to make a more complex animation with 250 frame. Something similar to the following.

The problem of the limitation comes apparently because I “started” with 50 frames and I couldn’t find any reasonable way to convince Blender to change that 50 frames to another interval (!)
If you know how to reset an interval and convince path motion baking to understand the new limitation, otherwise the workaround I did follow was just to start up with a new scene (ctrl-N)… Thanks for the help provided, Skimi, and yes that tutorial can be interesting to have. Notice that with 250 frames the movement appears quite smooth while with only 50 it was stuttering and innatural …


Hi, I’ve made a small tutorial: