Model animations not retaining collisions


I am trying to create some models that are animated with collisions. For now I am keeping the models very simple. I have

Just a basic “u” style box. If I import the unanimated model into HiFi it has collisions working how I want. I cannot walk through the model but I can go into the “indent” of the “u”

When I animate it, to go into a straight line basically with the idea of positioning myself within the indent and letting the model push me down a path, and import it, none of the collisions work anymore.I imported the model through the asset browser, went to its properties, turned the animation on, and now nothing works. It goes right through me. But what does work, is that the area where the model was first placed within HiFi, and the animation begins, I cannot walk through it, like there is some kind of an invisible permanent model there that did retain the collisions.

This was made in blender if that helps. Any thoughts on retaining collisions during animations?


This is somthing that I didnt manage. I wanted to animate an elevator safly once animated the mesh becomes none physical, so u end up needing to script entities to follow the movment of the animation.


It sounds like the problem is that collision itself does not get animated. Only the visual mesh.

Hence why you still find an invisible collision in its original position. The collision did not move along with the joints.

I wonder if this problem can be bypassed by parenting a separate collision model (just a model with the same collision shape of the moving part, but with a transparent texture applied) to the joint. This can be done via the entity properties.


An entity parented to a bone also becomes none physical.


Darn. That’s definitely something they need to fix.


So I need to some how get the “entity” which is “set in one place” to move with the animation through a script to get this to work?