Model Import: 484K Poly Model Imported!


Im trying to import an FBX model file but its invisible after i upload it and i cant figure out how to assign a texture to it.

My process:

  1. Export model from Maya in FBX format (there are no additional options in maya for this export)
  2. Upload to my ftp account
  3. Press upload in Hifi and copy the url for the model
  4. Refresh Entities panel and the model is listed there but when i click on it it goes to an empty space with a bounding box around it.
  5. Check Entity Properties and check the texture slot and theres nothing there so i try copying url for texture in there but nothing happens.

What am i missing here?

According to the tutorial its just as easy as 123, but nothing i try works.


Welcome @B_DizL

Here is a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • the model must have a material assigned to it (no materials and it can bug out due to no defaults) but that doesn’t cause the green box.
  • the model must be available in a public folder, if it is unreachable to public or if the URL is incorrect the green bounds box will appear
  • Keep an eye on the logs and see the reason why the model does not load


If your model has any texture materials applied, those URLs have to be public too. If any of the texture URLs fail to resolve then the entire model is not rendered. I wish interface would have just ignored the bad URL.


Thanks for the info but I think i figured out the issue. It seems hifi doesnt like the default lambert material i was using, i set it to phongE and another type and it works :smile:

But now i have other issues. The model im trying to import is rather large and comprised of lots of smaller repeated parts like pillars and walls and such. Im having a few issues with this, as you can see from the images below:

  1. While im panning around looking at it parts disappear and reappear randomly. (In the first pic the top front of the wall is there and in the second pic its gone, both sides are modelled)
  2. Some parts are not in the right spot but many others are. (Note the exploded wall sections in the first pic)
  3. When in avatar mode i cant see the model unless im inside the red boundary which i assume is the zone? How can i expand the zone around the model without deforming the model?
  4. When i import the models they are super tiny so i have to blow them up like 500%, in maya they are huge!

I just found out about this whole thing this morning and its obvious to me that this is the future of the internet, i want to be a part of it, very badly.

Thanks for the help in advance guys.


Impressively detailed model.
In anycase:

If you are using modifiers or references to the mesh components (not sure of the terminology in Maya), you have to either apply the modifiers (so that they are apart of a single model) or grab those components individual and do the repeating manually within Hifi.

I suggest usually applying all the references dealing with the base mesh (everything apart of the main structure), and any repeating objects not apart of the main structure (or which are just decorative and have no functionality ) can be separate objects.

I’ve noticed that for larger models, if you look away from the origin of the entity, and the model used by the entity happens to be huge, it may get culled by the rendering engine (because it assumes you don’t see it, example in laboratory/-253.7,646.5,110.3 (just look around you ). I think it should also check if we are looking at the bounding box of the entity/zone CC: @sam

However I think also has to do with the coordinate system; getting the objects scale outside of the domain zone its best to start modeling in, forexample, 8000, 100, 8000 which would be around the center of a “domain”. (after all, you should have over 16km volume ( which… seriously should be enough :smiley: ). The red boundary you are talking about is probably the X axis indicator at the edge of Y. You can see your current coordinates by going to View > Stats.

Not sure for maya (I use blender) but check the fbx export’s settings and make sure it is ratio is 1:1 to the settings in Maya. @Ozan might know more on that.

But again, welcome to the Hifi Alpha :slight_smile:
Just remember that because it is alpha it is a tad bit buggy, but youll get used to them, and they will eventually get solved.


beautiful model @B_DizL

and to the green bounding box issue… I have left the landscape of Earth littered with these. I would like to know how to delete them, but cannot find them in the entities list and also cannot select them in-scene. Any suggestions?


One way to find them would be to select every entity in the list and see around which entity the little cubes and arrows appear.


I will try this more systematically, Ron. I did go through all those that looked like they might be the right entity (i.e. were not named something obvious), and that did not reveal anything. I have this sense they are not showing in the entity list at all, but will go through it one by one before concluding this absolutely.


Thanks for the replies :smile:

This is only about 1/6 the total model btw. All together its about 5 million polys and i still have a bit more to do to finish it haha.

Im thinking of starting with a totally blank space instead of using the floating island as a base, that might help some of the issues im having with things not lining up i think. I tried moving the model to 0,0,0 coordinates and it ended up on the surface of the planet in the background. So if i have a blank slate i can put all parts at 0,0,0 which will be in the center of the space.

I’ll post some updated pics when i give it a try.

Also how do i add a skybox? I envision the cathedral sitting in the middle of rolling green hills with a beautiful sunny sky around it.


I think it might help to see on the entities properties WHO it was added by (aka “owner”). This might help a number of issues such as this.


Im not sure what you mean, i created them in maya and added them all using my personal FTP account, so i should be the owner in that case right?


It was more a reply to Sterling. :smile:


I decided to try importing a large section all as one piece with a better shader on it for better detail.

Heres the model, its roughly 484,000 polys! Is that like a record or something haha. I really need to learn lighting BTW.

There are a few issues, here are some comparison shots of the model in hifi and in maya. A lot of the booleaned parts are broken, with an extra face attaching where it shouldnt. Also theres some issue with the normals looking chunky when they are smooth in maya. Ill have to do some testing i guess.


Heya @B_DizL

When automatically applying booleans for the export you run the risk of these geometry issues (which is why order of applying them is quite important).

All the modifiers I was talking about earlier include everything from Mirrors, Booleans, Repeats and the sort. What you have to export in FBX is just pure geometry without any of the modifiers one would normally generally use to work on a scene (so game dev stuff applies here) into the FBX.

Vertex shading however seems to currently only support smooth, so flat parts might look abit different, and may require extra polygons, until the shader has been addressed a bit.

Best way to check your model before upload to the ftp (that model must be huge) is exporting and reimporting the model into Maya, and you may see the issues pop up then.

This seems to be a good reference too


I think supercar holds the record, I think it’s over a million, pretty nuts. :smile:

You have to add a Zone Entity around the mesh to set a skybox or atmospheric effects.



When i import the same model into unity using fbx format these issues didnt happen. I think it might be partially to do with the way i tried to reduce the poly count by deleting faces that arent seen so alot of the parts with issues have holes in them where they intersect another model parts so i think the engine is trying to fill those holes and causing these issues but as everyone says its alpha so i completely understand having random issues like this.

EDIT: The model is surprisingly small actually, only like 10mb, it loaded really fast in hifi and the engine was running at 80-100 fps the whole time.


I should be able to beat that, the entire cathedral model is 5.6 million, not sure if it all will work though but i’ll sure as hell try :smiley: