Model is wrong sized after placeing it with "model url"


The model still have a wrong szie when its imported with “model url” you get fbx object thats <0.5 , 0.5 , 0.5> if you go to edit properties to resize the object and click on “reset to natural dimension” the object also get the wrong size, the size is <0.1, 1.7, 4.0> the orginal size in blender is <0.05 , 0.85 , 2.00> its after clicking the button.

Here’s the model am useing. Door 007.fbx


Did you check your scale in Blender before exporting it?


Wich scale ou mean, when i did post this i checked the scale in belnder and posted the size here. unless you need to set some scale in the fbx exporter. but that i dont know. FBX exporeter i see scale 1.00


The scale properties in Blender yes. When you start to resize an object in Blender the scale can start to change.

I asked because your size is exactly double to those you were expecting, suggesting it may have been scaled at 2 rather than 1.

However I have seen a few quirks like this with sizes in different systems, I’ve seen one where the scale was 1/100th of what the size was in Blender. That wasn’t in High Fidelity.


@richardus , something that we have noticed (and will look to address) within the .fbx file, is the use of different measurement types. e.g. ft, cm, m etc. At the moment we take the size coordinates and are assuming they are meters. (we need to fix this). Your door, for instance, may be in ft, yet we are assuming it is in meters.


Intressting, i have checked it. and suprissly the size i made counts as meters. but blender is set to NONE.


None is Blender units which are meters pretty much.


what is the scale that blender is reporting?


Oh this intressting , i see the size that high fidelity use “dimensions” and am useing Scale. Hmmm.


Try CTRL A in Blender and see if it sets scale to 1 again.


Are you applying the scale in object mode before export? (ctrl-a) or from menu ->Apply -> Scale


No, never done that. just tested.if i do scale then the size is wrong. it get reset to 1.0 instead of the correct size <0.05 , 0.85 , 2.00>. I think something got confused for me. Think i need to use dimensions. but what is the use of scale then ?


I think you want the scale as 1.0. The dimensions are then a 1:1 representation of your dimensions.


Just means user error: i need to learn to use dimensions and not scale. why scale seems more atactive is unknown. maby because you scale the model. in the abov epicture the scale size is correct. but after this topic the belong in the deminsions corner. :open_mouth:


Yes the terminology can definitely be confusing, especially as you scale models to resize them in Blender!