Model server crashing more


For som e reason i noticed it for the first time @Judas domain. But it seems to get worse. and after keeping eye on it. it seems the model or audio server is crashing more again. with the result that everything dissaperas and you hear the sound.

model server going away… v[0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000]


Pain in the arse aint it
I try to update the stack manager daily hoping each update will fix it.
Nothing yet
There seems no obvious way of tracking the changes made to the stack manager other than it being v86
it does little updates but i dont have a clue what if anything they do.
Who is coding the stack manager?


The Stack Manager is just the shell that loads the assignment clients etc., and the assignment clients are updated each Stack Manager start-up. The assignment clients are built alongside each Interface build, and code changes are reported in the Changelog provided in the Interface section of the Downloads Web page. (Some code changes affect Interface, some the assignment clients, and some both.)


That’s the problem. Sometimes, we may not want that to happen. Many reasons, as in running a series of tests and we do not want a moving target during the testing. Could you add a new setting to the stack manager to let us choose [x] Automatic updates (or not).


I agree … I’ve been known to unplug my network connection when starting up Stack Manager … that’s a bit harder when using hosting, though!

@Chris : I think this idea of having an option to not auto-update when starting Stack Manager has been raised before?