Models.svo wiped clean


Logged in at 6:30 this morning all was ok
Logged in again at 10 am, stack manager updated, interface updated, logged in to find all entities gone.

Checking the resources folder I find the models.svo file is completely blank, this has happened before a couple of weeks ago.

Has anyone else had this happen? or anything like it.
I am not talking about a model server that crashes and models disappear until model server is restarted and they reappear.
I am talking about the models disappearing forever.


Checked my domain with 3 models. Updated to build 1309. checked again. upodated the stack manager. But right now im still seeing the models.

Is your models.svo file smaller in filesize to ? mine still the same in size. i know something like this

Maby the location you download the models from where down / not available ?
In other words, right now not see your problem.