Models won't load


Two issues:

  1. Previously, I was able to upload a simple, untextured cube to local
    server, Sandbox and Earth and all seemed well, but found out from
    @Adrian that the model was throwing continuous error messages to
    the server log. (Lesson: monitor the log when you do anything new.)
    Some weeks later I tried to do some tests to troubleshoot, but now…
  2. I am now unable to get even the simple cube or any other model to

Files located on Web servers at,
(1mat_copy_embed.fbx is a test file I created; treeBam.fbx is a file known to work and was copied from the hosting site)
(this is on my own server on DigitalOcean)

Access confirmed by pointing Web browser to the file (files do download)

When I try to upload to HF, I get the Failed to load error.

Any clue you can provide will be my much-appreciated first.


I have uploaded your model at MagicGame and it has worked, only there were no textures.


This one is showing me after download nothing in blender. file is also only 4KB in size. So textures are embedd. is bigger, and showing in blender. but the texture is just simple black… textures are missing or corrupt.

Same for the other 2 links, the are grey or not showing in blender and the fbx viewer. something looks wrong with the textures.

I can upload the fine.on my domain.


Thanks much for the info.

The tree file probably has a texture that I didn’t get from the original source, as I just grabbed the file to test against a problem with the box file that I created myself, so that is probably normal behavior.

The box is just a cube made in Blender with a single material and exported to fbx with embed and copy settings.


Thank you.

I guess I do have two problems: why uploading fails for me but not you for both files and servers and why my cube doesn’t work as expected.