Modified Skydome


Can you help? Was it @Judas who created the skydome with the creased paper terrain surface within it?

I wonder if someone can make a changed version where the sphere is as it is now but the creased paper terrain is placed such that the central flat area is placed at a Y ABOVE the centre of the sphere?

That’s way we can use the skydome as a visual back stop with an overall placement at Y=0 or above. Currently I had to use a negative Y to make this work, and recent changed to the Interface mean that Y is not restricted to be greater than or equal to zero.

Of course another fix would for for the HiFi folks to allow Y negative again :slight_smile:


That was me why oh why y0 y? what i can do is separate the 2 parts then u can move the dome and the floor separately. Blender models have an origin point around which everything rotates hifi doesn’t seem to reference this point as yet . ie if my dome was set to 0 feet high the ground plane would be at 0 which means u can place your statue of justin beiber at 0 feet and he would be placed in all his magnificence straight on the floor


Sounds like a good idea to separate the two elements, thanks @Judas but hold off on including Justin B… :slight_smile:

Main think for me is to ensure the terrain part has its flat part at or above Y = 0… rather than using some mid point of the model.

If you get chance to make thee two parts and textures, let us know the URL to grab a copy will you?


@judas Another minor request if you split the skydome and terrain meshes… can you make the crumpled paper texture be names terrain.jpg rather than crumpled paper… so it can easily be replaced to give different base layers later without using an inappropriate file name for the texture?


@Ai_Austin just missed u in hif do you have the link to the dome ¬.¬ i cant remember what i called it


I have a copy of your model, but not a note of the original URL you had at dropbox. Is that good enough?

has the FBX and the two textures used.

My own attempt to split the skydome mesh into skydome-only.fbx and skydome-terrain.fbx are also in there. Just seeing if I can get those to be just under ground level Y=0 now.