Modify Mery How to steal @Ozans work and pass it off as your own


This is hopefully explaining how to mod an HIFI avatar using Blender and Faceshift
It seems kinda complicated but I thought I should make a note of how i did it mostly so Next time i forget and can see how i did it.
If anyone can think of away to streamline this process id love it.
I was thinking if the interface uploader had An option to make rig specific templates it might help.
Then we could all make bespoke settings for mixamo rigs etc.
Then we could add to the list ourselves and save everyone alotta work.
if the uploader could for example have a mixamo blender option, it would expect the bone names to all have mixamorig added to them and it could also work out the blendshape name changes, then we could possibly skip using faceshift altogether, which would be cool
the blendshapes names i added in to pre set them in faceshift the joint names i added


That is pretty cool …

Some sort of hf preveiwer wich also deals a bit with fst file template streamline would make it even cooler.


OK, so how do I “open” Mery if I don’t have Maya? I just got to this, and I couldn’t get the model. I just want to change the hair colour and the design on the top. Thanks.


When in doubt, read/watch the directions. Sorry.