Money Tree Rules


The Money Tree is a fun activity for people who are gathered in a small area socializing. At a random interval, eligible participants are selected to give away a random amount HFC to someone else around the tree. They can give someone else standing around the tree HFC by clicking the HFC coin floating above that person’s head. Giving is anonymous. The person who receives the HFC is not told who gave it to them. The idea is to provide people HFC who are adding value to the moment.

  • You cannot give HFC to yourself.
  • People who are ‘away’ are not eligible to receive HFC.
  • People found to be engaging in ‘farming’–including, but not limited to, using multiple accounts to gain HFC, using scripts to avoid being set to ‘away’–may be permanently removed from Money Tree participation without notification.


Q: I have been standing around the tree for a while and not received any HFC. Why?
A: Getting HFC is determined by the others who are standing around with you. If you are not receiving HFC, it could be because of a way you are behaving or because you are not participating.

Q: It said I got paid, but when I check my wallet, I don’t see the HFC.
A: The Money Tree pays out periodically, typically once every 24 hours.

Q: If I think I’ve been removed from Money Tree participation, how do I appeal?
A: Removal from the Money Tree is permanent, so please make sure you are abiding by both the letter and the spirit of the Money Tree rules! That said, if you think there has been an error, you may email and request information.

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