More and more mesh dissapear from domain,


More and more mesh dissapear from my domain. worse there’s nothing left anymore that i can see. I know @judas started to have the same problem with disappearing mesh.

Anymore with the same problems ?


The meshes that vanished from mine were the ones 2 large to edit. so it was a good dissapear. maybe they added in a maximum size


Just checked aftewr @judas asked the models.svo. but thats empty now, except the new mesh i have placed. but it where not to big. maby the changed something in the svo format and wiped information ? Notice would be nice if thats done.


My models.svo file contains the 5 or 6 (large) FBX meshes on the Vue domain, and they all survived the update from the old to the new format. As mentioned some meshes got a bit squashed in shape and had to be edited.

I always keep a backup of models.svo (and also particles.svo and voxels.svo) and restore those and restart the stack manager/domain manager whenever I “lose” a mesh (e.g. when its at its initial 0.2m x0.2xm x0.2m rez state and you move away a little and it visually disappears completely). Not the best way to tidy up but effective at the moment. I cannot edit that file directly to resize or reposition the meshes which would be nice (e.g. if it was simple XML rather than having such in in a (hex?) encoded form).

Note that I have always managed to edit even large 1800m x 1800m x 1800m meshes (e.g. the skydome). but I have to move VERY far away from them to do that. I set up a location “far” on my Vue domain to fly out, edit, and then fly back!

Note that you must be in the +X,+Z direction, not in negative X or Z… as otherwise you cannot edit (or place models). The interface does not indicate you are in negative territory yet, or prevent such movement (only negative Y is enforced).

I would though like the mesh/object selection to always work even if you are very close (or even inside) an object so long as you unambiguously point to it. The current restriction on an angular percentage meaning you have to be FAR away is bad.


Richardus - do you happen to have old copies of your models.svo and/or the version after you noticed things disappeared?


@ZappoMan , sorry. i dont make copies right now, because am seeing my domain sandbox as sandbox. not doing important things right now. Software is still pre-alpha. AT later stage am implementing automatic backup.