More and more people invisable


Over the last week I have noticed that not all peoples avatars are visible. I do not think it has anything with them making themselves invisible. I have seen people relog only to see just their names and not avatar. Some people I hear but do not see.
Today 25th May 2015 I logged on and the message box on the bottom left of the screen said I was the only one in HiFi.
Then I saw the name of a lady I had talked to a few days ago. Neither of us could see each others avatar but we could type in the chat box. We both tried older versions of the Interface with no luck.
The only think that we could both see were the fbx files that I am now able to upload using Amazon. Maybe the sever is on Bank Holiday too I guess :smile:


I have experienced the invisible avatar bug as well. I can see my avatar, but another person could not.


I guess it is best to chill until the next build comes out. Hifi seems to be gaining more bugs than fixes.


One i see sometimes…


Its not broke Just everones 2 cool and influential to be visible to mere common folk


I was having issues with all the avs being invisible a few weeks ago, until someone told me to go to the LOD settings (Developer > Render > LOD tools), set it to manual, then move the slider up till people become visible again. Turns out the mechanism that was automatically adjusting the LOD to the supposed optimal for that connection was simply starting in the middle value and then reducing it downward to 0. Its not been doing that in weeks, but when the LOD slider is too low, avs disappear (along with all the objects in world) and all you see is their name hovertext, so when I can;t see avs, I go to the LOD pane and adjust things upward. :smile:


The problem was in the Sandbox. Everyone was visible in the Cafe build
When you hit the “/” you get to see information about which severs are running and with are not.
The only major problem at the moment is the voice is very very unreliable.
Voice tends to cut out when something thing major is being explained.
I can see now the reason so many people are using skype.
The chat box can save you sometimes if you really need to pass a message to someone. But you can not paste text into chat.


When I adjust the LOD to highest point I can see everything well but I have to leave the LOD slider on screen or it goes back to 0 again :frowning:


I must only open the LOD Window and set it on a low value, to see all. Without open LOD Window I see after some time nothing more than me and the names of the avatars. This really is very nervy, because the values are not saved and I must set them by every start. And the open LOD Window also disturbs, because it doesn’t go in the background.


Try to chenge in preference the minimum framerate , because when it’s going below that number LOD start to change. i think i have set mine for now at 15fps. but last meeting also people dissapeared because the auto lod. I don’t think i like the auto LOD because it change how users are seeing the world. SO you neve rknow what users see as creator. Before you know it a user is seeing the indise of your house but the walls are gone…

Still a thing that worries me.


The changing of the minimum framerate brings nothing for me. The LOD window is really the onliest, what dos help.


Try having minimum Desktop Frames per second = 0.
This was what I was told to do at a gathering on HiFi


ohoh, I have looked again and the min fps was really standing at 30 fps. Have changed and now it dos work. It is so great :smile: