Morph 3D license, confused


I looked at the morph 3D license. i made anyway account.
But why are licenses so difficult to read. Why can the not make it simple.
Just explain simple what you can do and what not.

Anyway, if you read the license, im not sure if this one is compatible,
Strange thing is that unity is using it. It sounds interesting. But…

Am not sure if the can be used in high fideity or not. Or do we need to wait until the mabye someday make theready room available ?

Anyway, interesting page i found.


The liscences boil down to you can do anything you like with them u less you suddenly discover a way to make money from it ,in which case it’s suddenly very theirs
Really makes it a gamble if you choose to develop for a closed source avatar.
Like you said it should be simple to understand.if it’s not don’t go near it


But it really feel time for better avatar ! Oh well,
we use this ne longer then.


It’s just a third party program I’m sure we’re going to find out what’s going to happen with their new project soon with licenses I think it’s unity based as far as I know