Motion Parallax?


Motion parallax on a 2D display?


Can a window on a computer monitor look like a real window?

There has been a lot of discussion about the sense of immersion produced when viewing High Fidelity with Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). There may be a way to increase the sense of immersion when viewing High Fidelity on a standard 2D computer monitor.

What if the High Fidelity Interface on a computer monitor could act like a window into another world? At present, it looks like more the video display from a security camera in another world. You can move the camera around, and point it in various directions. It gives a view of the 3D world of High Fidelity, but it doesn’t make you feel that you’re actually there in that world.

When you look through a real window, you lean a bit to the left to see things off to the right, or you lean to the right to see things off to the left. As you lean back and forth, the apparent shift in position of the objects outside the window allow you to determine their relative positions through motion parallax.

HMDs produce 3D perception by using stereopsis (each eye receiving a slightly different view) and motion parallax (altering the view based on the position of the head). Stereopsis probably can’t be produced on a standard computer monitor. Motion parallax, on the other hand can be produced on a computer monitor if:
1) the monitor is being used by only one person at a time, and
2) the position of that person’s head can be tracked.

The High Fidelity Interface already offers face tracking. Could this face tracking data be used to control the camera position and direction, to allow motion parallax? This might result in a vast increase in the sense of immersion when visiting a High Fidelity space with only a standard computer monitor.


This sounds cool and I suspect it could be done easily just by tracking head position with a 2d web cam. If I said I would make it happen, I am sure someone else would beat me to it. So, am waiting for someone else… unless …

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Yes, these small parallax tricks really help out 2D displays. It would be a nice thing for interface when used by 80% of the population in nonHMD mode :smile:


agrees , warning sweeping statement coming up from someone who has basically no idea how difficult or time consuming it will be.
With the built in dde already tracking your head position I think even a monkey in a tutu could mod the code in less than 10 mins to make this parallax thing happen.


DDE is sofar a terrible functionality. it’s not tracking the head correctly. calibrating is a disaster. Maby now i changed some desktop heights it’s working better with calibrating.
But a camera you only go plugin when really needed.


DDE works very well for me but only if the face lighting is good. Under low lighting or uneven lighting DDE falls apart. But apart from that, I would imagine some piece of DDE can do a decent job of gross motion tracking, and it is that data that could be made available to a script that then could do nice camera movement.

[edit] checking out “center head” feature.


My lightnigh is fine. but the camera angle is a bit from above. and DDE don’t like that. and the camera can only placed on top of the screen. So it cannot track it always good.

And then the annoying then of every time calibrating when you disable DDE and reenable that. The really need to make the DDE calibration a seperate option you do onbce and then it’s done on static setup. Because every time calibrating gives a wrong result when you finaly after a few calibrations found teh right pose when calibrating.


I remember this being brought up before and one of the devs said it was worth looking into doing that. Guessing it was low priority or more work than it first appeared to be.


Just saw this on Reddit
Still think this would be awesome in desktop mode


Flat representation of 3d seen from a 2d video looks cool… but if you were in that room it would be a lot less impressive.
The best example of this is the faked mirror we have in Hifi. It fits on destop but not really in HMD because there is no stereoscopy.


thinks it woudl be a nice halfway to vr step,can be done with just a webcam the ipad app i posted a few years ago was allways kinds cool


For an in between maybe.

Note that if you would use it with that headset, it would work :wink: