Mouse cursor can dissapear when you look in the menus


Hmm, Not only because its december. now i know i dont do much. the amount of bugs not getting down, the go up.

When i move my mouse pointer in windows 7 64 bit in the menu a bit left to right etc. and click some option sometimes the pointer dissapear complete from my screen.
When you move the mouse up and down so you get the pulldown then it dissapears most of the times if you move a bit. Its hard to explain, move around in all directions , open en close menus and it happens.

It only seems to come back then when you click inworld


Yes mouse pointer disappears after about 2 seconds after opening a menu.


Should only happen when over the GLWidget.
I’m guessing that an issue with how menus are handled on Win vs Mac.

I will check it out when I got some time.
Or maybe somebody would like to take a crack at it on the worklist?



When is this bug going to be fixt ? you cannot do anything in the menu without close it before you have done anything. and then try to get the pointer back. and retry todo something in the menu. Really not workable, especially because you still need to be there much.

Something simple like using ‘My Locations’ is pretty impossible.

It just dissapears after a few seconds when your mousepointer is on the menubar.


Thanks for reminding me, I’m on it.
I’ll get a PR on that today.



Here is a link to the PR:

Once it’s merged, it should only take a couple minutes for the release to come out. (cc @Richardus)

Edit: Merged (Windows version: 1700, Mac version: 1572)


Thanks… @Atlante45