Mouse jumping to the lower left corner 4970


I updated it to 4970, but I found that the mouse began to keep jumping to lower left corner.
I could barely do development because I could not even click on the menu.
Is it just me or is it a bug?



Do you have a hydra? or Vive? or some other hand controller?

If so… make sure you keep your hydras placed on their base station when you want to use the mouse – otherwise, the hydras will control your mouse.


I am posting this here rather than making a new topic. Only because It may be related and if not I will let the forum police send this off to wherever.

In the latest update or so of the Beta build, an old issue has come back for me. When I use the arrow keys to move forward, back, right and left, I end up with a rotate thing that should not be there. As far as I can tell with what little testing I’ve done, the rotating does not happen when I use the WASD keys, but I could be wrong.

What happens is when I fly or walk forward with the arrow key, I slowly fly or walk to the left or right, rotating the longer I go. Once I get into this mode, even when I reset stuff using the “’” key or with the menu. It does not get fixed. Sometimes if I land on a physical thing and reset sensors it seems to be fixed for awhile but it comes back.

I noticed this first when I was trying to test an old PR that was fix for key stuck rotation bug, but I was not able to make a good repro of the problem.


Yes, I am using a Vive Controller.
I noticed that it will cause the problem even if I am in Desktop mode, which I do not think it will happen before this build.


One cause of this has been identified and fixed. If you’re so inclined, you might try out the latest “tip of the spear” at, to see if there’s more to it.


I do think the turning thing is unrelated. Are you using an HMD @Twa_Hinkle? If so, turning your head should introduce a rotation to your forward movement. (However, there may have been an unintended change to that turning, which might be fixed by )


In the HMD I do not see it happening. I’ve only noticed it when in desktop mode and only sometimes when using the arrow keys to move forward or backwards.I suspect it is because angular velocity never drops down to true zero, or something like that.

I will try the PR.