Mouselook, turning your avatar way to fast!


Ok, this silly. something is changed in good and bad way.
But it’s bad because i need to limit my framerate to 40fps to slowdown the turning and mouselook movement.

So mouselook and turning need to be adjusted that it’s not moving like crazy with high framerate. it’s so fast that sometimes the walk script start to fly my avatar when i turn left or right.


Yes, one of the previous interface updates (2876, July 24 at 07:44 PDT) changed that. The check-in notes said they removed some old code and that drove the avatar physics through another older and broken path. That was fixed but the speed of turns is much faster, needing tuning in some later interface release.


I think this is to do with @leviathan’s recent fix for underdamped avatar rotation momentum (#5405). It seems to have increased the rate of avatar yaw acceleration and has affected walk.js also. He asked for feedback in the PR notes, so I have let him know.


I hope the fix it soon, the build tools are infected with it to. so it’s disaster to cam around. and 30fps limit is not helping. It makes working in high fidelity terrible


I just tried mouselook again, and it feels like it’s moving faster then in the past.
It’s just moving to fast. the default script need a slower setting.