Moving all my assets from here to there json thingyfi


I want to move all my assets to a different location

if i export the jason using edit-export entities with everything selected
when I import them to a different domain they arrive in exacly the same location
but i dont want that cos i have my other thingy in that spot
i want to put them all over there next to that thing there.

how do i move a pile of assets on masse and position them where i want, without dropping them in the wrong spot and messing up everything?


Hmm, i can only think about to move them all first as one selection in the old place. then make a json and move it to the new place.

But, hmmmm… why does it not ask for coordinate when you import ? Sounds usefull


I suppose adding the same value to the x or y or z or combination of those to the location tag would work.


@Judas You could use the import function in my entities editor. (Assuming it still works.) When you import. a grid should be displayed at the level of your feet; click on it to import the entities to that location.