Moving , bouncing (collide) entity sphere disapear after while


It now happend twice today, firt time around 4 sphere. now did the test with 1 sphere.
But when am logging out the still bouncing nice. Next time with long break am logging back in… my bouncing sphere is gone. just dissapeared. and the lifetime is set to -1.000 This seems only to happen when the are collidding and bouncing. not when you have placed a static sphere entity. The also dissapear from the models.svo. at least that file size is smalelr again when the entity’s are gone. Now doing a test again 1 red sphere thats just placed. and blue one thats bouncing with the follwing setting between voxels. Pretty sure the blue one is gone tommorrow.

IT looks like lifetime dont work on moveing colliding entitys or the pass the voxel wall at soem point and end out of the boundaries and dissapear ?


Just logged out, waited maby 2 minutes logging back in, and my blue moveing sphere is already gone. the seem to dissapear when you logout ?!


Ah yes— here is likely what is happening…

  • things only BOUNCE if someone is in the domain looking at them.
  • things that are moving, in a straight line… will keep moving (unless someone has looked at them)…
  • things going ins a straight line, will eventually go off the domain…
  • things that are moving off the domain are automatically deleted.

Is it possible this is what happened?

Does the position, velocity, and time match parameters that could create this type of event?


@ZappoMan , It looks like the for me unexpected behavior happend that. The entity is not bouncing anymore when i have logged out, because that result is flying out of the domain, its close to the edge <216 blocks. And that explains why it dissapears from the models.svo. But i just wanted to keep them bouncing for ever to test. at the other side whe move something if nobody is around. The sphere keeps btw bounceing also if i dont look at iut, so its more when your close around it that it keeps bouncing. i cannot test more because “my locations” is broken and down and cannot move.

Maby use the idea minecraft is useing, if nobody is around mobs or animals in n blocks, stop movement, And resume movement when someone appears. Sounds better idea then moveing it endless until its deleted.

So i think this happens…

  • things only BOUNCE if someone is in the domain
  • things will eventually go off the domain when moving
    things that are moving off the domain are automatically deleted.


Did some extra test, and keeped eye on server logs. This happens short after i have logged out.

[DEBUG] [2014-09-30 14:08:16 W. Europe Summer Time] [3228:3228] [entity-server] Entity [ id: QUuid("{0662a5f0-fd74-450b-b9ff-ee557dc70dd7}") , creatorTokenID: 0 , isKnownID: true ] moved out of domain bounds.


Richardus - I believe you are describing the same behavior I am describing.

This is the “current expected behavior”. We do plan to address the issue of what happens to collision simulations while no one is in the domain looking at things… but for now. If things are set in motion in a direction and no one is in the domain (and has previously looked in the direction of the entity) — then the behaviour you are seeing is expected.