Moving Fast aka Use Vehicles?


My avatar moves very slow unless i hold down a certain direction for a while then i speed up quite a bit. Is there someplace i can change this value?

Also would it be possible to use a vehicle? To explain further, it would be great if we could have a vehicle that travels much faster than our avatars so if we want to quickly move from say, one side of the Earth domain to the other, we could hop in our vehicle, travel to our destination then jump out and walk around the local area on foot.

Once larger domains become more common the need for vehicles will be much greater i assume, plus it would just be pretty cool if we could have our own custom vehicle where ever we went. I already have mine picked out too :smile:


Hi B_DizL!
To gain more control over how your avatar moves, you can uncheck to Avatar -> Enable Keyboard Motor Control and check Avatar > Enable Scripted Motor Control. Then you have full control over how your avatar moves via script. Check out
for a good example of this. TLDR: Change the variable AVATAR_SPEED to whatever you wish… and have fun! If you really want to get fancy, you can make a slider where you can adjust avatar speed without needing to change script. If you do, post it in the forums for everyone to use!

As for vehicles, I worked on a script a while back that did just that…

It doesn’t work perfectly because of the way our system handles position updating, but I think it’s a good starting point for modification. If you’re up for it, I’d try moving the vehicle with velocity instead of position updates as a good jumping off point. I’m also going to start working on this again at some point soon, so keep me updated if you do anything cool!


Awesome! Thank you very much :smile:


Are there any new developments on what you call (@ericrius1) “the way our system handles position updating”?
I would like to create a smooth vehicle behavior that still allows the user to look around the cockpit.
So far I’ve not had any luck besides the poppy behavior that people seem to have gotten so far.