Moving Objects Sideways


Is they a way of moving objects I bring into HIFI sideways instead of just up and down. The present gizmo’s for moving objects in the sandbox exhibits a lot of unpredictable behaviour with the objects size.


The told me to hold SHIFT to move the object in X or Z direction.
But it’s far from perfect here. Keep the undo key close bye.


My memory fails me at the best of time. I hope the images are self explanatory. You basically have to go down the Tool window list and click on the Entity Properties tab (Green Arrow) The scroll all the way up to the top to find the spinners used to change the values of x,y and z.


Left click on the object and drag it to where you want to place it. Left clicking and dragging moves the object on a 2d plane (or sideways) as determined by where it was place vertically.

So use the arrows to move up and down then when its at the right vertical height just left click and drag to move around.

It took me a bit to get the hang of the controls in hifi but the really hard part is going from maya to hifi then back to maya, the different control schemes make my head hurt sometimes lol.


Thanks M8.
Your darn right.
The little cube indicators give the impression one has to click on one to move it a particular direction.


About 8 interface releases ago, one could just click anywhere on the entity and slide it around sideway. Now, the sideway movement lurches madly, sometimes flinging the several virtual miles away. It is quite spastic nowadays. I started to stop various scripts to see if they are interfering. I run with the default set, so if that is the issue then one of the scripts loaded by default needs an overhaul.


Yes its very unpredictable.

I found the best way to handle it is by orbiting over the top and looking down, this way the right,left,forward,back are clear and it is easy to control. Grab the object anywhere except on the control handles.

Looking from the default angle, front on, is unworkable because when the horizon is in view, the mouse only has to move millimeters up for the object to be flung thousands of meters into the depth of the scene.

Always use right mouse/drag up and down to get an overhead view, you cant move as far but you wont lose as many objects.


I keep suggesting that the add X and Z arrow on the inworld entity build tool. just like we have for the Y direction.


…yet somehow make it still not be like SL. It has to be different from SL. (smirk)


It may be unpredictable now, but several releases ago it was fine. Why was it broken :slight_smile:


Work in progress I guess, I am not working on entities so I really dont know what t he thinking is.

All I can suggest is we keep complaining about the difficulties and hope someone hears us.


Moving entities is really a pisstake today its actually funny bad, its like heading cats