Multi-Con Avatar Cosplay Contest - FAQ


I filled out the form, now what?

After you have filled out the form, make sure you check your email for further instructions. You will get an email with details, hard deadlines, and further instructions on what to do next.

Please check your email.

Can I create an avatar based on an intellectual property that is not my own?
For example, could I make a Mickey Mouse costume that I built from the ground up?

Yes, if you build the avatar completely from scratch yourself, it is allowed. If you simply download a premade version, it will not be accepted. All avatars must be custom made.

Can I use other models as a base mesh, for example MMD avatars or Mixamo?

You can’t use MMD models but you can use Mixamo. Mixamo has open license but MMD are proprietary.

What are the official rules again?

  • Entries must be inspired by a character from animation
  • All work must be original or ‘fair use’ of other works, including parody
  • Entries must not violate other’s intellectual property
  • Users cannot have web or text entities as part of their costumes
  • Avatar’s longest dimension should not exceed 2 meters
  • Users cannot use particles as part of their outfit
  • Poly limit should not exceed 25k
  • 50 max flow joints
  • One entry per person
  • Must submit an embedded FBX and a hosted FST file.
  • You can’t use MMD models but you can use Mixamo. Mixamo has open license but MMD are proprietary.

Where do I submit my avatar once its finished?

Please email your finished avatar to Please make sure to include an embedded FBX file and a hosted FST file.

What file format does my avatar need to be?

You will need to submit an embedded FBX file and also a hosted FST file of your avatar for review and submission.

Where can I host my avatar?

You can either submit your avatar to the High Fidelity marketplace, or host it on a personal s3 bucket. Learn how to do that here.

When is the deadline to submit my avatar?

UPDATE: Due to the amount of entries we have received, we have decided to move the avatar submission deadline up to March 8th. We need time to make sure the all the avatars follow our rules/guidelines so we can keep everything fair.

Last day to sign up and submit an avatar will be March 8th by midnight PST.

I submitted my finished avatar, now what?

You will receive a confirmation email that we received your avatar and that you have been accepted into the contest once we make sure your avatar follows the rules. You will also receive information about what to do next.

Please check your email frequently.

How many avatars will be allowed to participate in the contest?

Avatars that pass our guidelines will be allowed to participate in the event.

Do I need to be present for the whole event the day of?

No you do not need to be present for the whole event, but you need to be present 15 minutes before the avatar contest so we can get everyone ready. The official contest is March 16th from 1pm - 2pm PST.

How will I collect my winnings / HFC for participating or if I’m a winner?

For all avatars who are accepted into the contest and successfully participate (including winners and non-winners) you should expect HFC to be directly deposited into your account 48-72 hours after the event. We need enough time to double check our records and submit the correct amount of HFC to the correct usernames.

If you think there has been a mistake or you have not received your HFC after 72 hours, please email

Avatar Features - Downloadable PDF

Is this Vertices, Faces or Triangles?


It is for 25k Triangles


Thank you for the prompt answer :purple_heart::sunglasses:

Still I got one more question:

Is this March 8th, 11:59pm PST?


Last day to sign up and submit an avatar will be March 8th by midnight PST.


How is midnight defined?

I.e. I hope we don’t have to send our submissions in the moment between tomorrow’s Roundtable Meeting and Bingo :wink:


I am on the finishing up a potential avatar; but still however this part

inspired by a character from animation

  1. Does this mean that the creation must be unique a character; but can be stylistically the same as in the animation; This technically would be an inspiration and not a copy of.

Such as having a unique character that is stylistically same any character from the show.

  1. Can this also mean a Fan-made, 3D replicant of an existing 2D character. As in, If I for-example made an Avatar version of Mrs Brisby from Secret of Nihm; can that still be counted? Technically it is conversion of a character from a 2D medium to a 3D one.

Specifically a case similar to number 2 is something I am working on; but nothing is stopping me from converting it to a stylistically similar avatar.


Is it fair practice to advertise something in USD for a currency that is not paid out in USD, nor ( at the time of this writing ) can be converted nor issued out as USD?

Reaction at the Studio - “…HEY! Did you see that Avatar Contest? We should get in on that; could be good PR, and if we win, we could use the money for equipment…”
@AlphaVersionD response, “…we don’t have the bandwidth and the money isn’t spendable anywhere…”

After about an hour of research, we found that the only path that is even potentially approachable would be to go from HFC to Etherium to USD. Did we miss something?


Almost everything goes (no direct ripping):

Q&A starting at 6:08 :purple_heart::question::sunglasses:


I believe it can relatively easily be convert back to USD. You make an appointment at the bank, and they can convert HFC into USD paid out to a PayPal account. That is unless the process has changed recently.


March 8th, Friday, 11:59 PM PT.

If I do not receive anything by this time, you will not be allowed to participate.


Yes, the Bank page on the high fidelity website.


This is correct. @metaphysicalstudios please book a bank appointment to easily convert HFC to USD (paid out to a PayPal account). More info can be found here.


Excellent. Thank you very much for clarification.


I am acknowledging that this is sour grapes, but I just have to say it.
The attached pic shows a Mixamo/Fuse avatar with ONLY a hair attachment, brought in fresh from Mixamo, and it is already 10,000 tris above the allowable limit for the contest. That’s all well and good, but I was told at the Town Hall that it was OK to use a Mixamo av, so I did.
I am not an avatar specialist, and decimating/optimizing a rigged model is a very high level skill. So, I am not able to participate in the contest.
I am honestly saying: I didn’t need the money. What I wanted was the fun of being part of the community.
I just wish the instructions had been more specific. If I knew that the Fuse were OK to use, but would require enormous modification to qualify, I would not have endeavored to submit an avatar.
I will still go to the Con and cheer on my buddies, but I will feel less a part of the community—a community I have supported positively and consistently for over five years.
End of rant. Thanks.


Agrees that sux, also if u were to decimate the avatar it woudl break all the blendshapes so you would- have to both learn how to then re do all those.
Feels for u , I really liked the avatar u made :frowning:


As many people are aware with my avatar, let me put it like this:

Had I entered myself into the contest, I would be voiding the rules due to poly limit (My avatar is about 30k, though I do have the knowledge to fix some of that).

I had a second avatar recently commissioned, which has hair and extra details, but even that is cutting it close to the poly limit while being slightly less size than my Therion.

On top of that, the 2 meter dimensional limit? If your avatar is bigger, chances are you need more polygons. If it’s smaller, chances are you don’t. So I can almost imagine that no detailed avatar is going to past 25k that is also pushing the dimensional limit.

If anything, this sounds like they wanted pretty much non-detailed avatars that use cell shading styled texturing to mask the lower polycount. Not to mention, to say using a Maximo avatar is okay but never observing the average polycount for a Maximo avatar is pretty harsh.