Multi-Con VR: Characters in Animation!


The view count for this thread more than doubled.
You brought in 400 people or more.


There was some talk at the meeting that enterants would need to present their work for approval at some time before the Multicon event, to check they meet the rules poly count etc
When will that be happening ? so i can figure out how long i have to make somthing


March 13th is the deadline for submissions :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Next dumb question is where do we submit them , im guessing they will be uploaded to the avatar uploady thing
but where do we send the link to the fst?


During the last contest @nbaldassini issued an email on how & where to send the .fst to all applicants…


Hey Judas,

I’ve sent emails to all the people who have signed up so far so please check your email for further instructions. You can email the .fst when its ready!


ah found it, lost in a million pr emails lol

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