Multi-Con VR: Characters in Animation!


On Saturday, March 16th, between 10am-2pm PDT, we will be holding an ‘Avatar Cosplay Contest’ at Multi-Con VR. The theme for this contest is Characters in Animation.

Create your favorite characters from animated TV and movies for the 3D metaverse. Then wear them up the runway. The winner will be selected by the community.

Enter your avatar inspired by characters from Anime + Animation for a chance to win huge cash prizes. Get inspired by your favorites — No-Face, a classic princess, or even Big Chungus. Cosplay is encouraged and rewarded! The winner is voted by attendees.

1st Place $10,000*
2nd Place $5,000*
3rd Place $1,000*
Every Avatar selected to compete in the Contest $300*

There will be a Grand Prize Winner after all 3 Multi-Con Cosplay Contests that will win an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to San Francisco to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con!


  • Entries must be inspired by a character from animation
  • All work must be original or ‘fair use’ of other works, including parody
  • Entries must not violate other’s intellectual property
  • Users cannot have web or text entities as part of their costumes
  • Avatar’s longest dimension should not exceed 2 meters
  • Users cannot use particles as part of their outfit
  • Poly limit should not exceed 25k
  • 50 max flow joints
  • One entry per person
  • Must submit an embedded FBX file and a hosted FST file.
  • You can’t use MMD models but you can use Mixamo. Mixamo has open license but MMD are proprietary.

Contestants are encouraged but not required to use our flow script technology which gives clothes, hair and other attachments movement. Avatars can be humanoid or non-humanoid. Avatars can be photo-real or stylized.

Not sure where to begin? Check out this 1-page Avatar Features PDF to learn about 3D modeling, texturing, flow bones, and more.

Last day to sign up and submit an avatar will be March 8th by midnight PST.

Apply Here

*all cash prizes paid in High Fidelity Coin

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Great contest. Is animation from all countries fair game? or is japanese animation the target.

No problem either way, just wanting to keep mine in step with the spirit of the rules.

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Are you really giving 300 dollars to each eligible avatar that shows up?

Any restrictions on scripts?


Are you thinking of Cheburashka or the Clangers?

Which raises the question: does stop animation count?


Cheburashka or the Clangers - intriguing ideas, though I was thinking particularly of american animation.

Stop motion animation characters like Gumby would be cool. Interested to see if they are fair game.

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It would seem that characters from modern cgi type animation wouldn’t jive with the spirit of the rules? Asking for a friend. =)

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There’s a Gumby already…

Regarding CGI characters, since this is a community competition, the real question is how the audience will like it.

I suspect that people won’t really get excited about a CGI version of a CGI character.
Also, I can’t think of any CGI characters that have the same emotional appeal as say, Popeye or the
(original) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


A maybe useful list:


Are these prizes in US dollars? US$10,000 for first place? That’s extremely generous. Or is it 10,000 HFC (=US$100)? You really do need to specify the currency for us non-Americans :wink:


If you look in the post, it states $10,000 USD *

  • all cash prizes to be paid in HFC - It will be paid the equivalent amount.

Wow! That’s very generous. Thank you for the quick reply! I will definitely blog about this contest.


Actually, it states:


Yes it wasn’t 100% clear so that’s why I asked for a clarificaiton.


Yes if you apply and are selected to participate in the contest, you will receive the HFC equivalent of $300 USD.


Correct, all animation is fair game.

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My blogpost about the contest is up!

I also cross-posted to a few subReddits and Discord servers…expect a flood of custom avatar-makers from VRChat!


Couple of quick followup questions:

  • When it says “All work must be original”, does that mean that avatars must be created from scratch or is it okay to start with a Fuse avatar and modify from there?
  • Are wearables allowed, or must everything be part of the base avatar?
  • In addition to being able to use the flow scripts, are other scripts allowed that might be used to enhance the appearance when presented on the runway?

It is okay to start with a Mixamo base avatar.

You can use wearables, but the poly limit includes wearables – so the whole thing has to be 25k or less.

Any other scripts would need to be considered individually and we’d need more detail. Please do apply so we can discuss. Two things, however: You can’t use particle scripts or expensive shader effects.*

*Edit for clarity: any shader effects won’t be accepted. Please use regular textures.

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What about cheap shader effects. :wink:


Apologies for lack of clarity – no shader effects will be accepted. Please use regular textures. :slight_smile: