Multi-Con VR Update

Thank you for a wonderful Multi-Con VR: Anime + Animation.

While this experience was groundbreaking and a success in many ways, we’re not seeing sufficient demand for events of this type. As such, we’ve decided to cancel upcoming Multi-Con VR dates.

Keep an eye on the community calendar for other upcoming events and we hope to see you in-world soon!


That’s unfortunate but yes, it’s clear something isn’t working and the result is not worth the significant effort.

I would still encourage you to keep experimenting.
I have written a lengthy post on the difficulty of pinning down what users want which is somewhat relevant IMO:

I think one alternative to big events is increasing support to community organised events, specifically ones that target an outside audience. For example I’ve been asked to run a Werewolf (AKA “mafia”) game in VR.

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High Fidelity cancels future Multi-Con VR events: Has “big event fatigue” settled in already?


I agree with Yossi, a little support and advertising on the “Community Calandar” would go a long way to adding people to the platform while the rest of the high fidelity staff concentrate on getting the software right.

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it’s about how many people you get to stick around and keep coming back .


Let’s be brutally honest, Hifi’s reputation isn’t doing itself any favors (just look over some reviews, seriously) and I’ve already smacked the community usual responses upside the head (namely that their response to bad reviews is to suddenly post good ones, like that will somehow stop more bad reviews from coming in). For all it was worth, the scope of the event was just insanely high and just ignores most past concerns about future events with lots of people.

I already said it in the unofficial Discord, but I’ll repeat it here:

If what the email regarding the events said is true, I’m not surprised. In theory, the event should have maybe garnered at least 300 users (let’s face it, the amount of free space in the bleacher area was pretty high at the avatar contest) and with that metric, I’d say it would have been considered successful. However, I feel the following contributes to why this didn’t happen:

  • The event actually was actually harsh on many users. I heard from a good chunk of people that their framerate was just awful, including my own (thankfully, I know a thing or two about LOD tweaking so I was able to find a happy medium). Honestly, I have no idea how to solve this other than offering true LOD management to creators. I’ll have to do w test on the convention domain to test how big is the domain and how many drawcalls are involved natively.
  • Older issues, like having people spawning on top of each other, wasn’t helping people whos’ first experience may have been this event (Seriously, Hifi, I made the solution open source for everyone, not just my hatred of that)
  • I’m not sure if this fully matters, but the spawn area was constantly complaining about their hard drives filling up due to the cache. I don’t have this issue, but after hearing about that, I can see that contributing to some issues, just not sure why it’s become a problem now and not past events
  • High Fidelity has a reputation of not being that good. The other day had someone come in who was doing a comparison to the “top 3” VR platforms (which Hifi got on in addition to Sansar and some other one that wasn’t NeosVR, but he left VRC off the table as there was no market and was outside his comparison) and the complaints rolled in harder than Hurricane Miami, all related to the new user experience

Let’s face it: as much as having negative reviews suck, a good chunk are rightfully earned and sucking up to the problem isn’t going to help. Hifi has constantly left it to be stated the users can contribute and help the platform, and kissing Oculus and Steam’s *** with reviews isn’t going to solve anything except make more justified bad reviews.

You want the bad reviews to go away, then address their problems. Think about what are the first things you do when you come in and how they can be resolved. People really want their nametags, but seem to hate the marketplace ones (that was one of the complaints mentioned earlier)? Ask if the one in the client by default (shocker, it is there like chat) can be upgraded or even if someone is willing to do it and if a menu option could be added so a user doesn’t have to touch Running Scripts.

And maybe, just maybe, if the company instead invested in their own community to help their platform, it would have cost less and had more results. Contests are great but to be honest, how many entries from the past contests do you see still hanging around, let alone the contestants who made them? High Fidelity could easily go to some of their loyal community members and make a few agreements to keep their domains online (or even offer to host and update themselves) and keep the domain looking pretty for even a small chunk of whatever it cost to run the con. Now you have content, now you have reasons for users to be around, and thus kickstart the real cycle instead of letting things continue the current death spiral.


I don’t see any of your creations on the market
@FlameSoulis @RyanSchultz much self promotion little contribution
Talk is cheap
I had it up to here with people who don’t contribute trying to sink vr
When HiFi Sansar and sl collapse under your negative wave where u gonna go?
I’m a builder I teach 3D modelling you people seem to despise vr for some reason
Vr is where I want to work I build to make that happen
Hifis staff I think do to


From my point of view, just having stuff on the marketplace is not the only way to go. I know that @FlameSoulis has helped me immensely getting further along the hifi path than I would be, and I’ve seen him help numerous other people, I for one agree with most of what he says.

I may be wrong, but the only person that I would call a “regular” and has put in a fair bit of effort that has won anything of value is @LosAngelesGraff. I can’t recall anyone else that has won anything of value in any of the competitions.

Just my 2HFC worth.


My domains cromptonmoor shop and free and insight come visit then I’ll come see yours
're won anything I won a grand in a HiFi talent show
I took part in the pioneer domain building programme 2grand built a racing game with thoys back in the day .I was paid to build all sorts of things on work list 2
Rest I built to improve my skills and to make HiFi a place people want to be
Didn’t someone win $10,000 isn’t that of value

Oh and I have one of those secret branched versions of HiFi that your not cool enough to be invited in LMAO too

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Why would I release something on an unsecured market? I’ve blasted support with my various test results and offered solutions when I can. On top of that, you’d be surprised how many projects I have started, only to not finish due to a bug getting in the way.

And low and behold, that’s the case with my most recent venture: a watch. Yep, my watch doesn’t work because teleporting causes it to locally break (meaning it has all segments visible for you, the wearer, but not for everyone else). Kinda pointless if a watch can’t even tell you what time it is. After hearing the horror stories of QA testing, it would never pass as a result.

And low and behold, I was contacted about my bug reports and was able to test the fixes along with if it fixed my watch. Sure enough, it has, so I can release the item to the marketplace. I’m a bit shaky on having my code more or less released to the open, but it doesn’t have any secrets behind it that people wouldn’t have already figured out via reading the API documentation.

As for other projects like Social Head, Foot Step Fx, and the custom tablet model, I’m not in agreement with High Fidelity’s stance with scripted marketplace items needing an app, especially in Social Head’s case where it doesn’t really need it at all. The other issues are that they were rough ideas not really suitable for the marketplace (spaghetti code ahoy!) or is being smashed apart due to API changes (overlays -> entities).

So yeah, you won’t see my stuff on the marketplace, despite being asked to release stuff even partly completed due to the above (except the watch, still finalizing it).

EDIT: In fact, you’ll find I made stuff open source! Git in my Github:

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Anyone who isn’t ex HiFi staff with a grudge ?

Why would I release something on an unsecured market?
there is no system on earth you would consider secure enough.
its just a line coders say
the point that stealing whatever is a criminal action is beside the point
if it can happen then im not risking it

Let’s stay on topic…

I’ve been here only a short time and I have long list of comments on everything in HiFI, but most of it has no bearing on why people didn’t come to Multi-Con and why they didn’t stay.

Bonus fact to distract you from the drama:
I was keeping tack of the number of people using Steam(via, and it was much higher than usual.
IIRC more than 50% of users, (judging by number visible on the Go To menu) were using the Steam client.
Usually on Bingo night less than a quarter are logged in with Steam. I believe this indicates the event did bring in non negligible number of new people.

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+1 on the frame rate issue.

I don’t understand how that’s even a thing.

This drama has distracted me and caused my innocent toast to burn!
I demand restitution, you heartless monsters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As I said on my application to Alpha High Fidelity: I am your regular user. I neither build well, nor do entertainment. I cannot code, but I love to fiddle with new technology. You need me to test how the average user reacts to the platform.

Well, over 5 years later I am still here, and still minimally contributing to the community, but the only reason to make a scene about it would be to call attention to myself, and that’s not my style.

I love High Fidelity, I know others here who do. I do not really want to insert into this discussion, but as the avatar of the common wo(man) let me say: There’s a way to complain. Bring concerns and ideas to the Town Hall. Heck, the devs are there! Can I do that when my new Nike soles split? I can return them, sure, but is the CEO gonna chat with me. I think not.

Be grateful for what you have, and tolerant of the slow BUT steady improvement. I have been there since the beginning, and the something huge moves slowly, but oh boy has it moved.

I encourage newbs to stick around. Why they don’t is something we need to work on.


With events you have also the timezone problem, same with sl for me.

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I am with Fran, I am neither a builder, nor a coder, but I joined HiFi as soon as I heard about it, and I stayed a member through many “lost in space” moments. Now things are working a bit better, I still manage to get lost in space, however I was able to go to Multi Con, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I feel that whilst the entertainment was fun, it was not 100% necessary. I was far more entertained by the avatar contest. The kind of contest that encourages people who are into HiFi to create, rather than simply consume. Maybe there could be more events of that type.


Hello guys, I’m one of the Neos co-founders, this is an awesome idea. We’d like that very much.
I’m writing because we heard of the mixed news from some of our users. We love High Fidelity and Philip so very much. We both met him personally and got great advice. He’s a legend who started all of this. The father of all metaverses including Neos.
I was searching the forums whether hifi devs looked into using Steam infrastructure, it is amazing and available for free for users with associated Steam accounts. Could help a lot to keep the costs down. I think the amazing hifi community would link or create Steam accounts to help out.
I cannot start topics, but this is it. Feel free to repost.
We hope you will get trough this stronger than before. We need diversity and collaboration. Hope we all survive these dark times. Godspeed HiFI :rocket:


Hmm… that could solve the strict NAT issues as another method of server operations. The only issue I see is attempting to get a steam login to work with a normal server. Granted, it was also requested in the past to offer the server components under Steam Tools but well…

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