Multiple landing points managed by the server


I started this thread to ask if at some point a feature like the “The Spawn Spacer” by @FlameSoulis could be handed directly by the server.

The “Spawn Spacer” randomly spread people near a landing zone, but wouldn’t it be even more awesome to be able to send the user to a landing zone close to the highest concentration of people (or greeters) ?

Of course, I don’t know if asking the server to choose a landing zone on the fly via a simple API, wouldn’t cause other problems… For example, if such an API allows users to be sent to a landing zone close to their friends, does that mean that they can follow them over and over, just by hiding their identity ? If everyone can adjust their privacy settings for each domain, this kind of issue may be easier to manage (but we don’t know yet).

I heard about the “Spawn Spacer” when I was wondering if it was possible to redirect users to another instance, as soon as the number of connected users exceeds a certain threshold, or if the server’s performance suddenly decreases (due to the the overcrowding). And the main domain could broadcast the most essential content to multiple domains (as in the case of a concert where the audience doesn’t go on stage).
But we can also imagine that it might be possible to programmatically scale the number of instances the number of instances according to the number of users (or turn them off when they are empty for more than two minutes).

But that’s another subject :grinning: