Multiple Shaders Test


Im not sure if you guys are aware of this but this is pretty cool, i was wondering if a single fbx file can support or contain multiple shaders of different types so i did a test.

Green is anisotropic, red is phongE and blue is blinn. Next i want to test making a procedural texture material and see if that works.


Cool, what did you export from?


Maya 2014, i was really surprised that it worked actually.

It even used all the settings i changed like the highlight whiteness and roughness before exporting. I heavily modified them just to see if the modifications would work too and they did :smile:

I have a couple models that i need to apply a range of shaders to that should look really cool. Im not very good at making textures so its nice to know shaders can take up the slack to give much more detail and variation like this.

Now if only lights would work… :frowning:


As a side note, hijacking this thread to mention this: The blender export seems to only support phong, even thought Blinn is also available in blender. Not really sure which is Anisotropic in blender…


BTW i tested procedural textures and apparently FBX doesnt support them :frowning: