Multiselect Assets in Interface



Is it possible to select all assets in a certain region in the interface and delete them all?

Or do I have to go one-by-one :frowning:




If you open up the edit window, which you can find under the Edit icon in your tablet,

You can use the Entity List to select multiple Assets while holding shift, or simply select multiple ones while holding shift, both after which you can simply press delete to get rid of them.

That is as long as the objects are no locked and you have permission to do so.
If locked, make sure to unlock the objects first using the Entity List, which then allows you to delete the objects.

Hopefully that helps


The anyway need to fix this, it now uses a strange logic.

in windows it works like this, holding:

  • SHIFT = selecht everything beteen two points
  • CTRL = select random items

This are not the key setup high fidelity use. Not sure why the used a non standard select construction in high fidelity.