Music codec discussion


All you musicians please discuss here.

My opinion: Use whatever codec you like.


I have no idea what you are talking about.

I like libVLC. Good support, good people.


I haven’t started sl for months.


Never mind - it wasn’t about you. You all worry about this mess.



This video is blocked for me, but i suspect it’s not terribly relevant anyway.


Rush 2112 was used as a plot device in Ready player one which was the book that inspired Phil to create HIFI. Its worth a read as many of the ideas muted in the book are concepts Phil is trying to implement. So it was kinda irrelevant but also sorta relevant at the same time .o.o makes it kinda meta lol


Phil quote “3D Audio is operational:  If you are using a high-quality headset, you
can hear other people and objects in the environment at their correct
locations, with very low latency, and with the echoes of your own voice
off the virtual walls.  Sounds can also be made by interactive objects
in-world, and audio is mixed together by a server node so that
many people can talk together without increasing the audio bit-rate each
person receives.”


Thanks, Judas - that was a good read. I’m so new to this, and knew none of the history of it.


This whole discussion is always going to have a fine separation between the end-user and those who serve the end-user by operating servers.

Inevitably there will always be a divide so there needs to be a compromise solution.


I wonder if the folks arguing against this system appreciate the 3d aspect. This system is great as is. I just wish there was a way to add a shoutcast stream for when I’m not performing. Perhaps it could be integrated somehow to feed the currant system rather than override it or run in tandem? Going over to delete similar message in voice chat thread… Sorry redundancy. Or maybe run it from a prim?


I promised myself I was staying out of this from now on, but, one more then I will keep said promise.

That’s exactly what’s being proposed. No change to existing abilities - zero nada zilch none. What you have now you continue to have.

The proposed changes are additions to what’s here. Lower bandwidth voice as an option. Streaming protocol support for music not needing the superior latency performance of premium system.

/me now bows out of this on.