Must close server to install client?


I just started my localhost server for the first time since the change, and the very next update forces me to close the server before it would update the interface.

Combining the server with the interface must have served some purpose which is unclear to me but the result is a bit skewed.

Is it expected behavior that I am forced to shutdown the server just to update my interface? I must say that is unusual, awkward, and just slightly ridiculous.

Its bad enough that I have to start the interface, and let it load before I am prompted to update, then kill it so I can update.
But for all those running a server on their local computer, to have to shutdown the server just to update the interface is kinda useless, what if I dont want to close the server because people are there, there is no reason to close the server except that you bundled it with the interface.
I just dont get it.


Word was … when this was changed, that this would be fixed sometime. Making all one package is a big plus for getting people to use their own hosted domains from the start. But yes, anyone who has been here for awhile realizes you don’t always want to upgrade both. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.