My arms turn metallic


I managed to create an avatar in fuse and rigg it in Mixamo. However, when I use the avatar in High Fidelity the arms turn metallic. I have tried to redo the process several times with the same result. The arms are not metallic in Fuse or Mixamo - only when I import the avatar into High Fidelity.

I have no clue about what is happening. The avatar can be found on this link. Any help much appreciated.


without lookin at the file its tricky to guess
metallic is the metalness texture which needs to be black to not be metallic . Maybe it wasn’t set correctly. If u can link to the fbx file Ill have a look at it and tell u what to do


You mean the .fst? The .fbx is the one above.


This is the .fst file

and the .fbx


Had a play with it and fixed it some. Its using allsorts of things that arent quite compatible with hifi
so i swapped some of the maps around and adjusted the contrast on the maps its using for the skin and shirt hardness so they are reflecting the sky less
with a bit of luck the fbx should just replace the one u are using

sadly im not sure the hair will ever grown back
welcome to my life lol


Thanks a lot Judas. I will try the new avatar.

For the hair I would have to use Regaine. But I won’t. The savings I made on haircuts over the years is the reason I can afford a HTC Vive.