My avatar did not change when I enter the appearance URL


Hi, I upload a FBX to Mixamo and animation works on that. But when I download from Mixamo and package it, the appearance still remains the default avatar. Can someone help?


You possible did not select in mixamo website the export with animation. You can choice between a few. if you not seen any animation option you posisble selected the wrong avatar for export. It’s while ago i used it.

Try it again and watch close what you export from fuse.


Hi, I did not use fuse. I used 3d max and export it as fbx. Should I import it from 3D max to fuse and than to mixamo?


Now you got me in the corner :slight_smile: I really don’t know.
I do not know if it’s correct rigged now too.


It is rigged correctly. It works perfectly in mixamo, I can even use those customized animation in Mixamo presets. But when I download it, package it and change the appearance in Hifi. It still remains the same avatar


Oh. and you did upload everything correctly. there’s a sub directory

---- Directory with FBX file etc. created when you packed the model

  • FST file

If the structure is wrong it’s not loading the avatar. and you need to load the FST file.


Heya, do check the logs when you apply the avatar.

Usually if it doesnt load, it means means there is something off with the model.

Make sure first to package the avatar. You can see the part of this process in this video:


Or is it possible that google drive /dropbox doesn’t work in this? Only AWS can work.


Dropbox, that can be a problem. i hear it need to have puibic directory and the not do that any more. For soem it work for others not. Gdrive i dont know.


Help us help you.

Do as @Menithal suggests, and then return the results here.



Thanks for reminding that. Here is what is going on.


What server do you guys use by the way.


That dropbox url is looks possible the culprit.
I have some webhosting space.


I just figured out! I think it is the hosting thing. I changed the hosting and it works. Now I have to revise my model and animation which looks upside down.