My Cache problem


The vid shows me logged in with everything loaded, then i change domain and return and things pop up super fast.Then i log out and log in forcing a 3 min loading time


Did you see the message I sent you. I tested a file on 3 different hosts s3, github, Dropbox. It is dropbox causing your slowness.


@chris but if it was cached it wouldn’t be loading from dropbox


@Judas @OmegaHeron not if dropbox has cache meta tags that tell us to grab it, or check it, every time. Based on the testing I did, if you load these three files you will clearly see the difference.



Fair enough and makes perfect sense. Seems dropbox can be dropped from good idea list then.

I had an idea for a distributed asset locator/server system but didn’t pursue it as I couldn’t find any info on some basics it would need as in how one could ident a user for things like accounting/quota usage and so on.


Well on @chris advice i moved all my models to github. this woulda been a total pain to do but fortunately @thoys put together a cool script that re wrote all the model urls automatically , thanks man
its all loading really fast script below


I have other cache problem that’s a showstopper for me.

Scripts get cached, so i cannot work on scripted entity. because it’s always after updating loading the old script. just tried it be teleporting out and back in. It’s still loading the cache version instead of pulling a new fresh one from disk. And like my other post , there’s also no reload button in entity properties to force a reload from url.