My comments for yesterday's General Assembly


Sadly I wasn’t able to make it to the meeting and rarely can because of the time it’s always at but more on that later. I just wanted to add my two cents and hope it’s of use. I did also post this on the YouTube video I used to catch up on the news, but thought it worth putting here too.

I’m glad the “build it and they will come” part came up. I’ve tried HiFi for 6 or 7 hours, took the Nefetari Tomb tour (which was AMAZING!) but it everywhere else, including the start area was a ghost town. This could be my UK Timezone though I was on during our peak time on a weekday evening. Aside for the tomb tour I came across maybe 4 people. It was not encouraging.

I want to see HiFi grow and I want to lose myself into HiFi the way I did Second Life, but I don’t want to commit so much time and effort to become a content creator for a platform that’s barren. It’s a bit of a Chicken and Egg situation. Maybe something can be done in the start town to make it a busier place, much like what was suggest by Tokee (sorry if that’s spelt wrong, I can’t see your name above your head in the video which is funny given your suggestion hehe) and with more things to do to encourage new users to stick around.

I echo the comments about making money like in Second Life. I was an SL business owner and that would definitely draw me to HiFi if I could in some way draw an income, whether that’s virtual tours around a business modelled from real life that can link to a business’ website, or a “meet the owner” where you can talk to real life business owners and network in VR, or selling items/experiences in game. I guess what I’m saying is, all the current “second life in VR” style platforms are all missing the one thing that was top of the list of what people enjoyed in SL and that’s commerce.

I’m curious as to the current user retention rate and wonder what else we can do about it when the flood of new users from each headset release comes.

Lastly, I’m surprised by the amount of Brits at the meeting. I find 10pm a little too inconvenient on a week night and I’m sure the Europeans at 11pm find it even more inconvenient. Is there a possibility to move these important meetings to a time that the most active countries have a higher likelihood of it being more convenient? Like say bringing it forward from 3pm PST time to 1pm PST, so you guys are able to get on during a lunchbreak, us in the UK can get on at 8pm, Europe 9pm, and East Australia then get a chance at 7am before they have to go to work.

I hope this was useful and I hope to see HiFi grow massively this year :slight_smile:



It is a pity you could not make the bingo extreme after the assembly. There were 170+ people there enjoying that event. Also the Roundable has more than 50 people all of the time. Hopefully the quest will make the threshold for new users lower. It will also be a device than can be taken to places were it can be shown to other people currently not in VR. A lot of people have the feeling VR will be inevitable in the future and will be everywere like TV, Smartphones before it. Now is the moment that will define which VR seed will grow into a tree. It is exciting to see that tree grow.



Sounds like fun, but it would’ve been 11pm on a “school night” for me so a bit too late.

I don’t remember who it was that said it, but they made a valid point during the meeting regarding the chance to win a VR headset skewing turnout figures. Actually, I’d say 170 ish people is pretty low, but that’s a fairly decent chance of winning too!

As for the Roundable having 50+ people… I must just be unlucky or everyone in the USA is sleeping or at work when I came on at 7pm GMT during the week.

I think HiFi needs to prepare itself for the Quest and Rift S launches carefully and focus on retaining as many as possible people that swing by. You only get one chance to make a great first impression. If HiFi can do that and get ahead of the competition before VR becomes ubiquitous, it could become THE vr social platform.



As a Second Life content creator, and as someone who has contacted or has been contacted by Second Life creators, the High Fidelity marketplace just offers no true benefits that would be worth a creator’s time to port some of their goods over. The newer (and massively requested) copy ‘permissions’ is a massive game changer, but outside of a possible income, the marketplace doesn’t really offer any benefits outside of providing hosting and some security for non-avatar goods.

A good example is if someone say copies a marketplace avatar and wears it as their own. Under certain conditions, it should be an immediate red-flag to the system that the wearer is not the owner (which can be checked by the certificate), but instead no action is done. Even if we leave the system out of the equation, there is no penalty for doing so either.

If we even leave security out of the equation (which is blasphemy coming from me), the marketplace is just not at all appealing to look through. I’ve raised this concern in the past where the pictures used are just too big and end up only letting a user see 1 or 2 items at a time. The scalability of the marketplace, in its current condition, will never be able to make finding items in a marketplace of equal scale to say Second Life. I even had drawn a comparison to all other shop sites like Amazon, Walmart, and virtually all other services that offer online shopping, and they all use smaller thumbnail icons and bigger detailed ones when clicked, yet this somehow is not how High Fidelity wanted to operate. This means that the user has to do more work just to find a specific item, which in turn means less likelihood of the creator getting a sale, which is a disservice to both.

The simple irony with the above is that my Kindle Fire, an actual world tablet, can view more items on it than the in world one. Let that sink in for a moment.

Now before the angry mob raises their pitchforks and torches, let me make this clear: I’ve been on High Fidelity back when the only executable was the Mac version. I’ve been active for the past 3 years (the earlier cases was just too buggy to come in due to audio issues and terrible internet) and have been very active on maintaining the Linux build guide when I can and offering assistance with server operations. In addition, I’ve been on Second Life for over 13 years and have been able to be successful enough to go to college purely due to it. I’ve been equally hard on both platforms at many points of its time both as a developer and a user. I have been extra hard on High Fidelity not just due to my own discoveries, but also because of the contacts I have back from Second Life who have raised interest with High Fidelity, but come with some standards that they’re used to from the former platform.



I’m in the uk for the last couple of weeks the Americans cos they don’t know any better have changed their clocks the sane rest of the world don’t do this for another week
The meetings usually happen at 10 pm in the uk
Ask ur mum if u can stay up :wink:



Ask ur mum if u can stay up


Man, if only I could go back 30 odd years to when my life was that simple.

Working a day job and having kids means catching sleep at every opportunity I’m afraid.