My first impression


I just got the Alpha invite and downloaded the client. While that downloaded I came and read up on the forums. So here are my first few impressions

  • I don’t voice chat. It’s rare I do. I have health problems that make voice chat annoying and even embarrassing at times. So seeing a forum post that says the text chat is being removed this early on is rather disheartening and made me not even want to log in. But I decided to log in and give it a chance.
  • Immediately upon logging in it turned on my mic that is attached to my headset. I find that this being on by default upon first login is rather…invasive. It actually started broadcasting what was going on in the room with me in real life.
  • I finally found the text chat option only to be taken to a separate window. Big turn off.

I understand that this is still in alpha which is very early stages but for someone like me who cannot use a VR headset or do voice chat it is a big turn off so far.


I honestly can resonate with your feelings here. I had a fairly horrible work accident - skull squashed like a grape, lucky to be alive etc. I lost most of my vision in one eye so I’ll likely never be able to snap on the HMD (visor) and my hearing is a bit of a mess, but, at least that’s about to be fixed due to some clever hearing implants. So - I have a great appreciation for the challenges a world without text or, should it comes to pass, 2D display technology might involve.

Text chat will be restored. There are those of use committed to doing so, but, it’s a waiting game as it has to be integrated with High Fidelity’s systems and the hooks to do so are not yet firm enough to justify time involved in creating more than a hackish temporary chat system.

As to the indications that HiFi’s ultimate goal is to be fully immersive using 3D HMD (or other 3D viewing tech that may appear), well, hopefully the traditional screen presentation client will be developed well enough by the time HMD becomes common place that those of us unable to participate in that world will still have a viable code base to work from to maintain a “flat screen” 2D view of the 3D world.


I think the main issue with the origional HF text chat was that it was global - every message was seen by everyone on the system irrespective of location. Quiet acceptable with a small alpha group but unusable going forward. This is what was removed.

I am very much hoping for text chat to be re-inserted at some point along the same chanels as voice, so that text chat’s function is parallel to voice - chat range is same as audio range, etc.

Remote-messaging chat can be taken care of with an IRC-like plug-in, but face-to-face chat - I feel - would be ideal built in to the core architecture, right along side voice.


It’s all, relatively speaking, easy mode once APIs and procedures for 3rd party application integration comes into play. Local as in traditional SL/OS local chat, private, group etc. It will just take some willingness to do the work and a few people willing to run servers. If made an “assignment” type server where you can collect a few CBits to provide chat services… then it will likely be an easy thing to, eventually, make self sufficient and robust. Until more than around 1000 concurrent users are using chat one or two clustered xmpp servers will likely do well.


@Stormeh I totally agree with the need for text chat.

For the interim, there’s a domain-specific local chat script you can use:

See also


@Stormeh Thats why the oculus rift is a bit off my list now the implement headphones too. microphone al;ready not nice. I hopoe the make both items removable from the rift.
I have my own special better setup and that will never fit with any HMD that implemnent a headset that don’t use seperate wires.

Anyway i think the open source HMD is at the end anyway better option. No HMD is fine too if the have implemented good mouse,keyboard and space navigator support.


I will try it again today and see how it goes. I didn’t have much time to play around with things last night so this is just a quick first impression.

@OmegaHeron so if I am understanding you right, once the API comes into play then others can create their own chat system? Will this be something that is made available to all? Even those of us who could not code our way out of a paper bag? And I only have vision in one eye as well and my other does not have full vision either so there are only a few games out there that I can play without getting migraines and motion sickness from the interface (forget any fps games and there are even several mmorpg’s that I cannot play)

@glenalec That makes a lot more sense to me for a reason to take it out. I did notice when I logged in, it showed me everyone that was online no matter where “in world” they were. I imagine that will change in the future as well as more people start logging in at the same time.


@Stormeh - what I have in mind will be open to all for text chat if it becomes feasible to do so.