My Foray into Making an Avatar


Since I can’t do decent physics here, can’t do meaningful scripting, etc. I decided to tackle something completely out of my comfort zone, making an avatar. I totally suck at that, it’s just not in my skillset. So, since I have seen many others wanting to make avatars but either do not want to or lack the skills to go through the massive pain and agony of going through several steep learning curve tools, I decided to see what it would take to modify a simple avatar making tool like MakeHuman and add coding to prepare the avatar created therein for direct import into High Fidelity. Coding I can do. That’s not an issue.

So, I am here (I’ll worry about de-shinifying the avatar later). Now I am carefully reading @Menithal’s long treatise on what it takes to convert the MakeHuman avatar into something compatible for HF, especially the rigging stuff. Anyway, my goal is to make it possible for causal people (not ILM, Lucas Art, DreamWorks, r other professional 3D modelers) to make a humanoid avatar, tweak it with the simple controls, click on a “Prepare for High Fidelity” button which then spits out a folder of the files required to make an avatar happen. I will be asking a lot of questions and seeking advice.


Good luck!

Most of the actual leg work for the avatar part from MakeHuman is just getting the rest pose to an absolute t-pose, which should be fairly doable but very very annoying for a new user to do as it requires alot of knowledge with the intricities of Blender posing and knowledge of the modifiers (as there are some rules with those).


Yes, that’s my step 2. Get your bones and HD standard names loaded up, write code in the prep-to-HF to set it to T pose, do the dimensions rescaling. Anyway, it will be an interesting pastime. Besides, it seems this is something we really need for newcomers who are not industry pros.


Mutters somthing about makehumans topology , points at


Yes, I like the MB character generator. I am not familiar yet with the code base and I hope their add-on architecture is the same or close enough to MH’s add-on scheme.


I was playing with Manuelbastoni today and I couldn’t work out how to make boobs smaller than a ‘C’ cup.


Leave it to a guy making boobs…


As Kas Cooke once wrote “You can always tell a bottle-fed baby!”


Very Awesome :heart_eyes: Going to love trying out for sure, rigging is so hard as Menithal pointed out.


This sounds very excellent and worthwhile.


So is this project abandoned now?


I finished my version. No one seemed to care. LOL!


the mh avatars are 2 ugly to get involved with
they all look like bloated corpses

10 yearold sl ava


And Bastioni too…?


currently thats cycles based so all the lovely images u see of it dont port here it would all need baking out.
Im not getting behind a proprietry tek that I have to beg to use, or some hakky rubish that takes aslong to fix as it woudl take to build. and I dont want somone to make it for me cos imma builder
still frustrates me that i cant just drag out a rig in blender that dosent just fold up in hifi
requiring fixing
blenders not broke hifi is
I cant teach polishing a turd to my students
because im not teaching them rigging im teaching them how to hack somthing .


My beef is I build something to do the job and because that is how I intend to “make a living” around here, folks could care less about my offering. Matti does it for free and everyone cheers it from the mountain tops. Yeah… Seems fair… I’ll go back to my cave now.


u kept yours private, so was no use to me
im not gonna go cap in hand to anyone will you finish this for me

i can make avatars

if people cant play hifi
hifi will be forever empty


Also, MH’s low poly models are (or were several months ago last time I looked) very badly auto-decimated versions of the high-poly ones. And I want nice low-poly for VR, so I may as well make my own from scratch :-/


Agreed that is such an awesome Plugin :sunglasses:


Use this tool instead :slightly_smiling_face: