My head is in my face


Is it annoying anyone else that when im in first person mode and i move around i get my head bobbing into view

like this. its annoying in normal mode and really really annoying wearing a rift


You mean when you run at hyper speed ? yes i screamed about that before. it’s annoying to see a shaking head on your screen. in 1e person look. But the not thinked about a flying avatar mode…

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Somewhere low on the list


Is that a bug or merely an existential crisis?

Because in reality I thought the First and Third person perspectives tended to remain discrete, but here they are continuous and so things seem bound to get weird. Like where do “you” end and does your “avatar” begin? And since you can mouse-wheel between first and third to achieve similar effects, I’d say you were experiencing some kind of 1.01352502-person perspective.

But to answer your question – yes I do also think it’s annoying and especially distracting from an immersion standpoint.

Coincidentally, in light of other stuff I’ve decided for now to forgo predictable sources of continual rework (thereby precluding my avatar having functional arms, legs or a face). But what I didn’t realize until your post was that alongside doing so, the same annoyance here became a first-class feature of my genetically-modified Eye of Malkovich. Eventually I imagine such a thing could have at least five discrete perspectives, and is already very tolerant of the in-betweens:

For a rainy day here are a few self-solve options to consider…

“Running” seems to be where this effect is most noticeable – so maybe a script could keep tabs and simply hide your avatar when traveling at mach speeds?

And in your screen shot – isn’t that really just z-clipping? If you could somehow extract the viewing frustum then in theory it could be treated like a collision hull, and the avatar hidden whenever touching or inside.

At the actual scripting level it used to be trivial to toggle your avatar on/off, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to work anymore. It’s still possible though to waft-away all avatars (including your own) – which could work for non-social situations:

Scene.shouldRenderAvatars = !Scene.shouldRenderAvatars; // toggle