My HiFi Demo was a hit!


This is me, at work, showing the Leadership Team (about 50 people) my Patient Education Demo in High Fidelity.

Most people had no idea what they were looking at, but they were enthralled.
My plan is to use this with the patients to teach living skills, first with a leader on desktop, and eventually involve VR.

(Would be great if HiFi was on the Go, because I could justify buying many!)


Awesome! But… where is your crown?


Wow - wonderful :purple_heart::sunglasses:


Agrees with the people dont know what it is observation.
I would buy a go if hifi was on it
Can u do an experiance to teach vr users how to deal with rl next ?


If I did that, I would have to attend the class as well. Awkward.


WMR should be a good start for you, with the platform’s minimum being set at $200 brand new you won’t have any lack of AAA VR hardware. However you will still have the problem of multiple PCs.