My Home surroundings


My home is situated on a somewhat dirt hill in a city.
I would like to change the image of the surroundings.
I seem not to be able to grab the entity where the city texture is on.

Is it an entity?
How to tweak/ replace it?



My guess is you need to look for en entity called zone in its properties (usually the bottom of the list if u turn the search distance up high) their should be a url linking to the texture you can swap that


What @Judas mentioned is correct.

Opening the edit window, look for an Entity with a Type of Zone. You can swap out the url to another cube map, or you can delete the exiting zone, and replace it with a new one from the examples. There are a couple of premade ones to choose one. Just note that all of the ambient lighting will be effected by switching the zone as well.


I do not manage.
I did set SHOW ZONES IN EDIT MODE in the Edit menu.
I found the zone around my home (I actually found 2 almost on top of eachother) and swapped the texture URL (for sake of testing I used a full square UV layout)
But I ended up with a white zone, no texture on it.

So now I lost my dirt hill and everything is clean and white :sunglasses:

Where to find these?


Sorry, forgot the mention where :slight_smile:

You’ll find them under the Example button, under the Zone category.