My impressions from a Newbie


Hi all,
Greetings from Australia :slight_smile: I’ve been in Second LIfe and Opensim since 2013 and ever since I made my first prim house I’ve been hooked onm virtual reality so when I I started hearing about High Fidelity and after seeing the alpha release I just had to check it out. From a user perspective it’s pretty easy to install the viewer and jump straight in, but my arrival was daunting - the camera and movement controls drove me crazy, all the signs I saw were backwards and I couldn’t walk, just move around like a statue. I had to relearn so to speak and get my head around a new system.
But with my second visit it’s a bit easier since I’ve become familiar with the open/ download script system, so now I can move, which is still a bit glitchy and have seen other people’s worlds. I was considering claiming some land but Earth alpha goes in and out one minute I’m there and then I’m in space, this has happened a few times with other sims and I get green frames.
I would love to explore the buildings but it’s kind of hard when you press w and you walk up to the sky.
So for now I know it’s a long way off from completion, but will always pop in from time to time to see the progress being made.

So after all of this here is my wishlist -
Avatars to land on a solid land mass when logged in without sinking
start walking and not fly off into space
worlds not glitching in a and out