My land colission volume dosent load


My land collision volume doesn’t load when i go to Free because the bottom of it is out of view.
If i move the tp point I could work around it, or if i look around downwards it will get picked up and load
But as it stands it doesn’t.
@adrian had this problem with his Venice tower thing.
Whilst there are work a round’s it could do with fixing

Some items should allways load no matter what, the ground collision is defiantly one of these things.

Whats strange is, if i arrive with show physics turned on its visible, I just cant stand on it

If i arrive at a different location say Shop it all loads as expected.


How to reproduce this bug? I can’t seem to login to “Free” or “Shop”.

What is the “ground” made of? A model?


@leviathan sorry about that I had it locked down whilst i tested out my kinky sex chair sit script, should be open now .

The ground is a fbx with an obj collision, it works fine unless you log in at Free, the other locations it just pops right in


I was able to login at Free and verify that the floor does not collide initially, but that it does if I spin my view around. It appears that the floor really should collides – it has a “compound URL” set and the compound shapes can be rendered and appear in the right places. There is indeed a mystery here.

I took notes on the setup and will try to reproduce on a test domain.