My mini Farlands experience, a pictorial tour


After reporting on the state of the Strip, I was inspired to take a long trip out to the never-never lands, and take some holiday snaps and maybe pick up a few souvenirs while I was out.

For those who didnt see it here is the strip from just a couple of K away.

heading out of town, at 15K away things still look pretty normal.

at 18K the big voxel actually shrunk to a skinny one,

At 20K the big one has gone completely unless I turn a bit then it appears “in the corner of my eye”
the other voxels are begining to crumble and can no longer be considered cubes.

Closer study if I get the viewer perfectly perpendicular to the target, then it almost completely disappears, just a few hundred meters more and its gone, unless you turn to the side, then it appears.

Wait, on closer inspection there is still an orange object way up high, I zoomed in to the pic to see it.

Now at this point if I turn my avatar the objects come into view, large as life, yet when I turn to face them they are gone, which means at the current perspective settings, we can see further to the sides than we can to the front.
Here is a set of 4 pic from the same position, just rotating slightly. The first pic shows no objects, the second pic shows decayed objects, the 3rd pic shows the smaller voxels but not the big one and the last pic shows the biggest voxel also.


I set a location here and called it “visual limit” so you can go to this position by using that location name.

I continued for a further 20 Klms but it was slow, took like almost a minute, I’m exhausted.
The result? nothing out there. nothing changed, I didnt hit the edge of a sim or fold into an alternate universe or meet up with any aliens from another virtual world, so I consider the test almost complete.
All that remains is to set a location, so I set a location out there and called it farlands, you can go there (nowhere) just by using the location because I tested it and it works, no need for you all to sit with your finger on the cursor button for minutes on end, I have done the sitting for you.