My observations


Well I’m not alone at being annoyed that I had to create a wallet just to upload an avatar… I haven’t uploaded any other content yet so we will see how this goes.



I’m thinking a house would be a better entry point then the welcome center. This way people with less technical skills would not have to change anything… they just go home when they want. They can outfit it from the store with stuff. Perhaps all the “Info” could be placed in one of the rooms… Just a thought.

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I know there must be a technical reason for this but why the hell can’t we just upload a zip file from our desktop? I have never used a service that requires I move things from the web before. It’s kind of annoying. Thankfully, I have an S3 server to use… but then again. What about those with less technical skills? Creating an avatar should be an easy to perform function as it is essential.



Well, they rejected my zip file with all my avatar assets. This would be much easier than having to upload to my S3 then copy the URL of each individual file (13) to upload into the Store. I tried to upload directly from my computer and it let me. I instead followed the directions and did so from my AWS S3. Does anyone know the technical reason for this requirement?